Wednesday, June 6, 2012

D – Day June 6th in the year of our Lord 2012

68 years ago our American hero’s invaded Normandy beach and the final days of the European World War had began. A best and warmest wish to the hero’s who fought and lived and died on those beaches in order to protect their country and their families from a psychopath. These brave people received a hero’s welcome when they came home, as they well should have. Now to my bitch. Let’s fast forward to 1975 and the Vietnam vets coming home, they too should have received a hero’s welcome, but did not, what they received was people spitting on them, calling them baby killers and much, much more. They did not deserve this the people who spit on them did deserve it but the vets were honorable men and women and for the most part ignored them, too bad. To the men and women who served in Vietnam I salute you and thank you for your gallant service to our country, and to those who tried to degrade them, GO TO HELL for you are a disgrace to our country, a disgrace to the men and woman who served and died, and a disgrace to your own families. Highlander, USAF 1974

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Le Serpent Rouge and Leo

Leo I am aware of the scent of the perfume which impregnates the sepulchre of the one I must release. Long ago her name was ISIS, Queen of the benevolent springs, COME TO ME ALL YOU WHO LABOUR AND ARE HEAVY LADEN AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST. Others knew her as MAGDALENE with the celebrated vase full of healing balm. The initiates know her to be NOTRE DAME DES CROSS.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back to the Past: The return of the NAZI American police

When was the last time you saw unwarranted police brutality against peaceful college demonstrators, the 60’s, 70’s, or November 18, 2011?

UC Davis Chancellor, who must have pissed her pants from fear of these kids who were simply staging a 60’s style sit-in, made what I hope is her career ending decision to call in the police, who then made a decision to pepper spray a number of students sitting on the ground with arms linked. Where was the danger, Mr. PO’liceman? Where were all the kids who you tried to say were surround you and were endangering you and your Nazi cohorts?

I have watched the YouTube video, I have seen the “smile” on your fat face as you sprayed those kids, enjoyed yourself didn’t you, you fat fuck, there was no danger, there was no violence except that which you and your NAZI brethren brought, and most of all THERE WAS NO REASON to pepper spray those kids.

So what should be done? Well the fat fuck who sprayed the kids with a smile should be sprayed himself then fired, and then without a trial be put in jail for a few months to ponder upon his excesses, then the UC Davis Chancellor should not be given the chance to resign she should be pepper sprayed and fired without recompense. It saddens me that people who are in charge of overseeing the welfare of kids cannot be drawn and quartered for their willful violation of this charge.

Some of you might ask why a Knight would write about this and I can tell you this, the Police of this country are for the most part fine and upstanding people and when one of their own become rogue they should self-police, they need to get him out of their honorable ranks, expel him from his position of a modern Knight, and put him where they put rabid dogs.

There is never any kind of excuse for injuring people without cause and when those people are just exercising their God given and Constitutionally based rights to demonstration without violence, and on top of that being school kids then we of the Knighthood should hang our collective faces in horror and shame at the unwarranted actions of the “thing” (I will not dishonor manhood by calling that thing a man) that chose to pepper spray kids instead of reasoning with them.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

The miss information in circulation about the A.O.T.K.:

The AOTK is not an anti-Muslim organization nor is it anti-anything in design. The new AOTK was set up as a way for like minded people to live the way of the Templar’s and Teutonic Knights of yesteryears.
To live with the courage to protect what we love or believe in, the respectfulness of others, religious tolerance to an extent, and blindness to racism, when presented negatively.
One must remember the original meaning of racism and that was “Pride of Race” and there should be no person of any color who is not proud of their race, and what they have accomplished for the world in which we all live.
People need to be aware of the “WAR” we are in against the Jihadist of militant religions these people want to destroy our way of life in favor of their own misguided ways; these are the people the AOTK has chosen to do battle with, not innocent children or women and old men who cannot defend themselves.
Citizens of many countries like the United States, England, France, Germany, and Norway plus many more are being besieged by both militant and non-militant “Jihadist” and they are bent on changing our ways to fit into their ways of life and perceived duties of their religion. These “people” are demanding that we Christians not be allowed to display our religious artifacts because it “offends” them and is against their religious beliefs, I say who gives a damn if it offends them, they came to our countries, they should adapt to our ways not ours to them!
In Michigan for example the religious Jihadist have demanded that our Christian churches not be allowed to ring the church bells to announce mass, and yet these same people have built a tower in order to announce their own prayer times but chanting through loud speakers that sound out over the entire city in question. In London they have demanded that their Sharia laws be the prevalent laws in the land, even over England’s Parliamentary laws. This “quiet takeover” is being implemented in many Christian countries throughout the world.
Paul Ray, myself and others while we object to this quiet invasion by this militant religion we do not advocate violence as a way to cure the problem, as AOTK Templar’s we know that violence did not work 900 years ago and it will not work now. Paul has been summoned to give testimony in Norway concerning Brevik and him psychopathic views and values that led to the killing of innocent men, women and especially children, this testimony required of Paul concerned the possible involvement of the EDL and potential involvement of the AOTK, as of Friday the 26th of August the AOTK and Paul have been cleared of any involvement in this tragedy.
The AOTK has been labeled by many in the press as being or being Islamaphobic or that we are white supremacists or come from the far right in our views and values and this cannot be more wrong. What we are and what we love and care about is our countries that are under attack, as should all of our fellow citizens and immigrants that wish to come here to live.
My Grandfather came to America from Germany and once here he implemented a strict rule for his family, NO speaking German was to be allowed as they now lived in America and were to become Americans, his rules were not special among immigrants many of them did the same, become part of the country they chose to adopt, so if they can do it why cannot these religious jihadist do the same, why not; “Because they come to conquer not to live, adapt, and contribute”.
The AOTK stands for the love and protection of our respective Christian countries and we want all concerned to join us in our endeavors to stop the Jihadist from doing any further damage to our countries under attack, do not let any more attacks on our citizens go unpunished, do not vote our lackadaisical politicians back into office, instead elect politicians who understand the problems and are willing to do something about them. I am not just speaking about Federal Politicians, but politicians from all levels, for the problem is not just at the federal level but at the city, town, and village levels also.
The AOTK supports any legitimate (legal) effort to combat the Jihadist and their evil attempts to destroy Christianity and other peaceful religions.

James von Braun, GM (Retired)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A country that deserves respect, not loathing or fear:

There is a country that is feared, loathed and condemned, and yet should be applauded and helped by any self-respecting country on earth, that country is Israel.
Israel was reformed after the end of World War 2 and has since developed into a country that protects its citizen and defends it existence to the world. It is a country that is continually under attack from those who fear and loath its very being. In so called western civilized countries people fear the religion of Israel, a religion that has been in existence since written time began.
The Jewish religion should be admired not feared or despised, the people who live the Jewish way of life are for the most part good and decent people not animals as some describe them they just want to live the life their religion outlines for them, just like other religions who only wish harm to the Jews.
The people of Israel have always been warriors, not only for God but for themselves, they were feared, and in some cases emulated, but most of all feared, in some cases justifiably. Just to be clear on this I am not Jewish not am I an Israeli, I am an American Templar Knight who happens to highly respect Israel and believe that they should be helped and protected to whatever extent is needed or possible, they need to be recognized as a country that stands for dignity and might, not to mention perseverance of beliefs and goals.
Many people think that Israel should not be a country or for many even exist, they think that Palestine should be returned to the land now occupied by the people of Israel, a belief that should never happen, and the United States of America and all of its supporting countries should make sure this never happens.
Many will ask what do I know about Israel, and the answer is this; Israel is the home of the Christian religion, the home of many people of the Bible, the future host of the apocalypse, and the home of the badasses who conducted the raid on Entebbe, the home of the people who brought to justice the perpetrators of the holocaust where millions of the children of God were murdered, the home of Solomon and the Arc of the Covenant, and the home of our own Knight’s of the Temple. Israel is the home of many of the stories in history, and will be the home of the future of more history. Israel is home, and home is Israel.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Norwegian Slaughter, Norwegian Madman

A few days ago a nut went crazy and killed over 90 people mostly innocent kids. In his interview with the Norwegian police he mentioned being in contact with the A.O.T.K. as the founder of this Order prior to my retirement the AOTK has no involvement with this madman nor have I ever heard of him before his insanity, a Templar is a Knight of Honor and would never support such an act no matter the cause. Forget Jerusalem 900 years ago, it was a different time and different era and a different breed of men. Just know this we of the AOTK had NOTHING to do with the slaughter committed by Anders Breivik, as I am sure that the Free Masons and even the original members including me of the EDL will disclaim this madman’s actions as those of his own insanity.

James von Braun, GM (R) AOTK

Repost of the Telegraphs article:

Norway shooting: British police investigating Knights Templar right wing radicals

British police are investigating a cell of right wing radicals known as the Knights Templar, as it emerged that a blogger using the name Lionheart had called for a revival of the movement.

By Duncan Gardham, John-Paul Ford Rojas
9:30PM BST 25 Jul 2011

In his 1,500-page 'manifesto’, Anders Behring Breivik described attending the founding meeting of the Knights Templar in London in 2002 and wrote that his “assigned mentor” was “referred to as Richard (the Lionhearted).”
He said he had a “relatively close relationship” with the Englishman, who first described the concept of the “perfect knight”.

A blog was discovered by The Daily Telegraph written by an individual called the Lionheart, who has written about “Moslem’s soldiers ... seeking to conquer our lands and take our civilized world back into the 'Dark Ages’”. He writes that “God will revive the ancient order of the Knights Templar and count me worthy to die amongst them in service of my God in protection of the Christian and Jewish world”.
The blogger’s real name is Paul Ray, from Bedfordshire, who described himself as one of the “founding fathers” of the right-wing English Defence League. Mr. Ray was arrested three years ago on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred with material on his blog.

The Lionheart closed his blog on Thursday, but reopened it on Sunday to post: “A crackpot killing innocent Norwegian children in the name of anti-government politics. The extreme far-right of the political spectrum that has no place in modern civilized society.”

By Duncan Gardham, John-Paul Ford Rojas
9:30PM BST 25 Jul 2011

In his 1,500-page "manifesto", Anders Behring Breivik described attending the founding meeting of the Knights Templar in London in 2002 and wrote that his “assigned mentor” was “referred to as Richard (the Lionhearted).”
He said he had a “relatively close relationship” with the Englishman, who first described the concept of the “perfect knight”.
Referring to the right-wing British group the English Defence League, Breivik added: “I wonder sometimes if one of the EDL founders was one of the co-founders of [the Knights Templar], I guess I’ll never know for sure.”

A blog seen by The Daily Telegraph has been written by an individual called 'Lionheart', who has said: “Moslem’s soldiers ... seeking to conquer our lands and take our civilized world back into the Dark Ages”.
He wrote that “God will revive the ancient order of the Knights Templar and count me worthy to die amongst them in service of my God in protection of the Christian and Jewish world”.

The blogger’s real name is Paul Ray, from Bedfordshire, who described himself as one of the “founding fathers” of the right-wing English Defence League. Mr. Ray was arrested three years ago on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred with material on his blog.

Lionheart closed his blog on Thursday, but reopened it on Sunday to post: “A crackpot killing innocent Norwegian children in the name of anti-government politics. The extreme far-right of the political spectrum that has no place in modern civilized society.”

Mr. Ray did not initially respond to an email request for comment but asked later if he had been in touch with Breivik, he told the internet magazine Vice: “No. Not at all. Not that I know of, anyway.”

But he added: “It’s bad isn’t it? Look at what he’s been saying, and then look at what I’ve been portraying. Don’t look good, does it? My friends have been reading the manifesto and a lot of the things that we’re involved in and promoting are in there.

“It apparently says in his manifesto that he has an English mentor called Richard. People are thinking that might be a code word for Richard Lionheart. Who else is there called 'Lionheart' who’s writing about anti-jihad, Muslims and Templar iconography? It blatantly looks like it’s me!”

Monday, May 2, 2011

To the Knights of the World:

Osama Bin Laden is dead, long live freedom. While I rejoice in his death I am also fearful in the repercussions that may come our way, and so should you, like the head of the mystical hydra cutting off a single head will not kill it or even stop it, the body and the remaining heads will demand retaliation, and they will come for it.
As Knights we must be forever vigilant, never letting our guard down or our families will pay the price, the terrorist have previously stated that if Bin Laden is captured or killed then they will turn Europe into a nuclear wasteland, this cannot happen, not now, not ever.
The Templar’s, the Teutonic Knights, or even the Hereditary Knights of the Holy Roman Empire must remain on guard, and on call, we must be the eyes of the world, the eyes of authority, and the means to help stop them.
So always remember that one head may be gone but there is still more heads to deal with, and they are just as deadly as Bin Laden was.

James von Braun, AOTK, GM retired

Friday, March 4, 2011

The World in Turmoil: A Knights view

My friends, the world is in turmoil, and we its citizens are suffering the consequences of that turmoil; Libya, Iran, North Korea, England, Egypt, United States of America, and many other countries and or territories.

Now the Arabs are killing themselves for freedom, a flatbed trucks full of gunmen drove through the streets of eastern Tripoli today, tossing tear gas and firing rubber bullets at protesters, Muslim versus Muslim for control of their countries, dictators killing their own people just to remain in power, a power that counts the dead daily.

The USA is fighting to regain its financial stability that has been hit hard by bleeding heart Democrats who think we must support the world, even our enemies as we have done for almost a hundred years. Russia, France, England, Israel, Spain, Iran, Korea, Japan, you name the country and we most likely have supported them in the past or still do now, and we must stop this nonsense before we go bankrupt.

This insanity must stop, while I can understand the reasons behind these bailouts what about our own country and its citizens who are losing their homes, businesses, livelihood, what about them?

We declared a WAR on TERRORISM, and yet we support the very countries that also support terrorist training camps and or the terrorist themselves. How can we as a “Super Power” do something so stupid and self-defeating? Our Politicians say that it is not the people of these countries so we must help them, I say yes it is the people of these countries, they allow these murderers to life in their country, they allow them to come and go as they please, so why should we support them when they just “thumb their noses” at us and say “more please, give us more” all the time laughing at our collective stupidity.

I read 8 national and international newspapers daily and I see just how stupid our and other countries are being when it comes to helping the enemy defeat us. We pass laws allowing them to use their own laws in place of our national and international laws, we allow them to conceal their faces and at times their entire body in the name of their religion, they make a mockery of our laws, but then use those very laws against us when it suits them, is this right, or should we outlaw their anti Christian ways, should we make them conform to the ways of society in the country they live, or should we allow them to continue to subvert, our religions, our societal mores and norms, and most of all our laws that are there to protect us from this very thing that the governments of the world are letting happen?

Citizens, the way of the sword for Christians has passed into history along with our forefathers the Templars of the Crusades, but let’s not this passing stop us from doing what we can to stop this blatant attempt to overthrow our Christian and Societal ways before it is to late or it leads us into another Crusade.

Stop our politicians from allowing Religious Laws to supersede our own legal system, save our Constitution from the liberals who think they can change it to fit what they want to do to our society, force our politicians at both the State level and Federal level to start healing our respective countries and not just offering lip service saying they are working on the problem. We have in a small way started this process by getting rid of politicians that have few morals and even fewer cares about their constituents, and replacing them with politicians who we hope will do our bidding now and in the future.

The police are being basically hogtied in their efforts to “serve and protect” their citizens, they are being forced to allow illegal aliens to cross our borders unimpeded, Arizona tried to institute laws about this and are now defending themselves in federal court on a number of federal charges, now of which according to our Constitution can be applied to non US citizens, these illegal aliens have no US constitutional rights, not even when they make it across our international borders, our constitution is not for anyone and everyone it is for US born or naturalized citizens, let us enforce this by using our laws to stop this invasion, and face it, it is an invasion of our country, there can be no doubt about this. The police are also hogtied in stopping criminals before they strike, and even when they do apprehend a suspect they are hampered by Human Rights laws that are written by bleeding heart liberals to protect the criminals and hinder the victims and the police. Perhaps we should all use and apply the 2nd Amendment for our own protection, and to help keep the law and order we all desire.

I remember when my wife and I lived in a State that has and open carry law, there were 2 idiots who tried to rob the local bank, they succeeded in firing a warning shot into the ceiling, and died in a hail of citizen bullets, there has never to my knowledge been another attempt to rob a bank in this town since, when citizens are allowed to exercise their constitutional rights there is a much more orderly society with fewer crimes than when we are hindered by government for doing what we should be allowed to do by law.

In the UK her citizens are running scared from all of the violence that is happening, thugs are knifing people simply because they look like a victim, or because it looks like it would be “FUN”, is this the society that England’s citizens want, I think not. England is and Olds and well founded country that prides itself on its stability and English pride, not on loose morals and dangerous felons running amuck killing at will with little to no police protection, what if they the good citizens were armed as well as trained in weapons, what do you think would happen to the hoods who kill at will? What if every country that believes in freedom for its citizens and in the rights of citizens were to allow either open carry or concealed carry laws to be passed, the time of the criminal would end, and also the time of the insurgent may well also.

This essay is the opinion of the writer, and is only his opinion, and promotes no illegal actions on the part of any citizen of any country, his intend is only to hopefully open the eyes of our people in this world who are being beaten and killed for no GOOD reason except the failure of our elected people to protect their citizens who have put their trust in them.


James von Braun, GM, retired.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Men without Honor, live a life of greed and avarice!

There is a man in New York State who calls himself Governor, a man who deserves this title not, a man who is as blind mentally as he is physically. He spends our money on things which we have no choice, and then taxes us to the point of pennilessness, and has the nerve to say it is our fault. He betrays the treaties put in place by men far more learned than he, but he has the opinion that he is lord and master of this State and of us. This “man” needs to go, he is dangerous to our freedoms, dangerous to our children, and dangerous to the very existence of this State of the United States of America.

This man has been voted as “no confidence” in his abilities, he has been asked to step down and refused, with a statement that he is the best man for the job, and if this is true then we are in worse trouble than even I think. There were men who had some honor that worked for him, and they have all resigned to a “man”, at least they remembered that honor is what makes a man, not power, not, money, not women, but honor.

My family and I moved to the State in 1997 and at that time there was a 7 billion dollar surplus in the state budget with the republicans in power, today 13 years later and under democratic power we are over 7 billion dollars in debt, all from the democrats plan to give anyone and everyone money when asked, driving us to this situation of being broke and a laughingstock to the other 49 States of America, is this how you want to be seen, a laughingstock?

What is to be done to save our State? At the next election we must rid ourselves of every person in office who thinks of him or herself before their State and its people, it matters not if the prior elected people have had only on term they must go, and new honest people must be elected, and if they show themselves to be of little or no moral character then vote them out, take back our State for the Honor less and make our State great once again. Honor among thieves is not honor, it is greed and avarice, and brings dishonor to us all. Let us take back our Honor and our lives.