Monday, March 19, 2007

Crux of the Worlds problems…JMHO

The problems of the world stem from just three idioms and all else stem from them and they are;

Religions and their differences… Since the inception of organized religions the world has warred on their behalf, Christians against the Muslims, Jews against, well Jews against just about everyone.

Racism: Racism stems from; well I don’t really know where it stems from, all I know it exists and it should not.

Greed: Greed stems from jealousy and is one of the seven deadly sins.

I believe that just these three are at the bottom of all the evil in the world today and yesterday and that there is no way to over come them before God does it for us. There is however I believe a “patch” that will make the world a better place and while my solution may sound trite to some, just think about it and you may just agree. My temporary solutions are these;

Return to the “Laws of Moses” in all ways including the legal system itself.
Learn to live by the “Rules of Chivalry” in both your private life and especially while in the publics eye.

While these ideas may be antiquated except the “Laws of Moses”, I think they are just the ticket to restore our world to a place we can all love and enjoy without fear. But then this is just my humble opinion, what’s yours?

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