Sunday, March 18, 2007

Highlander’s Oratory:

The time is coming when the Knight’s of the Temple will once again be needed, and I am here to tell you we will be ready, ready to fulfill our destiny, ready to fill the needs of the Christians of the world.

For 700 years we have patiently waited and prepared for our time to come once again. World events are showing us that that time is closer than people would like to believe, the serpent has risen and is showing her ugly self to all those who can see.

There are many neo-Templar organizations out there claiming to be the true descendants of the original Poor knight’s of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, and yet they belong to and support the very satanic organizations that the Templar’s abhor. It will be the Knight’s of the Temple who are true to the values set by Christ that will come when we are called, do not be fooled by the pretenders to the faith.

The world is at deaths door and Satan is eagerly waiting to open it wide for us to enter. Morality is at an all time low, disease is rampant worldwide, and religious hatred is higher now than during the time of the Crusades. The Plutocrats are ready to fulfill their long planned destinies and we have let them.

America has slept, England has slept, Canada has hid, Mexico has acted, Germany is positioning herself to rule, France is falling apart, the Middle East is set to blow itself apart and certain countries in Asia are helping this occur, the Church is powerless to help and yet the world fails to see, fails to act.

Throughout time there has always been a “Dragon” that surfaces to “save” the world, in WW1 and WW2 it was the United States, who will it be for WW3? The United Nations wants it to be them, but it cannot be for they are one of the 7 heads of the Whore of Babylon, they care only for world domination, they wish to destroy Christianity, they wish to strip us of our freedoms of our very existence and happiness. Another head of the whore is the European Union and its quest for the control of all of Europe.

Will the sleeping Dragon awaken in time to save the world or will the Dragon sleep til the end?

The Knight’s of the Temple are not the Dragon but we have awakened and wait in prepared silence until we a called upon to act, let us hope that the Dragon awakens first.

Will the Dragon save the world or will it take Christ’s coming to save us, either will work for the Templar’s, for Christ is the Master of us all and the Knight’s Templar are waiting to serve.

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