Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Letter to Paul of Britannia...


I quite agree with you assessment of the situations in both Britain and the USA, even taking Iraq out of the equation we are at war on our own home front. I have followed the happenings in Britain for sometime now and also France and I must say it is more noticeable in France than in England. It seems that the press doesn’t want to report what is really happening in your country and yet have no qualms about reporting what is going on in France. Murder-Rape-fire bombings-subway attacks, everything except planes flying into the building.

I was really interested to learn from you of how the Muslims are acting like our Mafia and controlling the businesses and town governments, which makes it easier to understand why your government would install more than 1 million CCTV cameras throughout the UK, but are they really helping to fix the problems?

In your article you put forth a very pro-Israeli stance and that is one of the additional things I have to battle here in the US. I am in the minority in my support of Israel as they are seen in a negative light by alot of people.

Most of the people who see what is happening, have come to the point in believing that where the Islamic communities here are being unjustly attacked and are being felt sorry for as if “they” are the persecuted ones, as if they are the innocent victims of the world, as if we should feel sorry for them. I seemingly have few supporters in my efforts to “open” the eyes of those who cannot see the truth.

As a Templar Historian, I and many of my colleagues disagree with the role that the Muslims are presented as. The Crusades were not in response to our trying to “steal” Jerusalem from the Muslins, it was in response to their murdering our pilgrims who journeyed to the Holy Lands to pray in the land of Christ. Even this simple reason has become a bone of contention between us. This is just one more item to me that shows that there is no “Peace” in the religion of Mohammed.

As an American I was raised on the beliefs of religious tolerance and for the most part I agree with that, I have known many believers in Islam and they were some of the nicest people anyone could want to meet and yet they themselves believed everyone should convert to Islam and those that do not are doomed.

There is only one solution and that is the total eradication off all Jihadists and the governmental control of the remaining believers of Mohammed until they renounce their murdering beliefs and convert to Judaism or Christianity. I believe that if you are a Christian you are also a Jew, like Christ.

Paul, America and England are one, while we may speak a different language J we are in the eyes of the world one, we are Anglo-Saxons and according to a number of people the Anglo-Saxon race is a race of hero’s, we are always ready to come to the rescue of those in need and we are paying the price of this belief. (Just like the Templar Knight’s)

Paul, both you and I are calling for our own jihad to save our great nations from the terrorist of the world, but we are fighting a battle many do not even recognize except when one of us are attacked. My Son is fighting in Iraq right now; he is doing the physical part of our Jihad along with thousands of other neo-Templar’s of both our countries, he believes that the terrorist must be stopped just like we do and in the mean time you and I wage war with our minds and pens, our attack the Jihadist is on two fronts and yet they are still gaining ground.

There are to many people in our respective countries that do not see the danger we are in and in fact they blame the governments for us being in the situation we are in today, what they do not realize is that this “War” started roughly in 610 AD with the founding of the religion of Mohammed, and the battle has never stopped. Millions of innocent people have been murdered in the name of “Allah” and they say their religion is one of peace?

Jihad literally means an effort or striving. It includes a religious war against unbelievers with the object of converting them to Islam or subduing all opposition. (See Koran 9:5; 4:76; 2:214; 8:39.) It is the sacred duty of the Muslim nation to ensure that Islam triumphs over all religions. It is considered a general duty of the nation as a whole, not of individuals. Furthermore, it is a duty which relates only to religion. It has nothing to do with economic exploitation, political repression or imperialism in any form.

In his early career Mohammed spread Islam by teaching and persuasion: several early Meccan suras stated that he was sent only to preach. When, at Medina, he declared that God had allowed him and his followers to defend themselves against infidels, and later when he proclaimed that he had divine leave to attack them and set up the true faith by the sword. Muhammad himself fought in nine battles and ordered many more."15

Does this sound like a religion of ‘Peace”? No, it is a religion of war and murder where those who die in their attempts to kill others not of their faith and be rewarded with virgins and the easy life of a martyr.

So in summation, let all of the followers of Mohammed who are fighting their Holy War against the infidels of the world become the martyrs they so wish to be, so we the followers of Jesus Christ can live in the peace we all want…

Highlander, 2007


LionHeart said...

Excellent letter Highlander, it is very much appreciated and I have put a link from my article to this.

God bless brother


Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking that all this islamic violence was already taking place BEFORE the UK-U.S went into Iraq and Afghanistan.

The islamics were very, very quietly chewing off pieces of other countries, without our being aware. With 9/11- SUDDENLY - we woke up.

NOW, this matter of the terrorists, and bombings all over the world, is because the filthy islamics have no more reason to hide their depravities - and they're angry that they've been found out.

Malabar billy said...

I am a muslim from India. Brought up in the middle east. I left the middle east 5 years back fearing persecution or death for my liberal views as a humanist artist.

It is funny that Arab muslims see other muslims (from Asia especially) below there divine ranks. It's a kind of Arab Brahmanism. In the gulf countries no non-arab (mainly asian muslims) are not allowed to pray in the first few rows directly behind the Imam.

As a Visual artist I found my relegion conflicting with my work.

Though there are many instances in Islamic history based on arguments of Hadith that it can be highly tolerant and promote the relegion without force conversion.

There is such a sect which is highly tolerant. The Ahmadiya sect. I have also noticed that the great Mughal emperor was a proponent of inter relegious arguments and faced criticism from fundemental muslim clerics of his time.