Saturday, March 24, 2007

Politically Correct? A Templar’s View

Just what is being “Politically Correct”, does it mean not saying certain things to protect your country and family? Is it letting foreigners run amuck in our countries and the government supporting them over their own people? Is it letting them dictate how things are going to be in a country because they say so? I have yet to figure out how these “people” are able to use our Constitution for their own furtherance when no where in the Constitution is there any protection afforded to them.

Groups like the infamous ACLU gets up on their self-appointed high horse and says these murderers, thugs, illegals and more have “OUR” inalienable right under the United States Constitution and our government goes right along with them, murderers and illegals first, actual citizens of the USA, 50th. With this in mind why should we even want to consider being Politically Correct, it only hurts us, it hurts our country, it hurts the law biding citizens of the world.

Being Politically Correct has costs the lives of too many US/UK citizens; it has caused domestic un-rest and governmental excesses/incursions into our own Constitutional Rights and protections, all in the name of being Politically Correct to people who deserve nothing but contempt and expulsion, if not more.

In the Crusades, the Knight’s Templar battled to the death with the Muslims and yet when not at war, lived and studied with the very same people, these men on both sides while in today’s ideals would be considered religious Zealots or even extremist, were able to respect each other and learn from each other, so why not today? The answer I believe is Political Correctness, the governments of the world trying to be everything for everyone and forgetting who they were elected to serve.

I think that being Politically Correct should mean taking care on its citizens first and foremost, any foreigners here should not be afforded any Constitutional protections they do not deserve, treat they as human beings and afford them the basic rights due any human on earth, of course, but grant them the same Constitutional protections provided for a countries citizens, NEVER!

But is it fair to simply blame the government for the ills of society, no. When you sit at home, go to work, go on vacation, and ignore what is happening in your country and the world then you yourselves are as much to blame as the government. Write to your elected leaders, let them know how you feel and if they ignore you then vote them out of office and try someone new. Wake up world, open your eyes, save yourselves and your loved ones from the coming anarchy that is being imposed upon us all for Political Correctness…

Our leaders have forsaken us, the world is falling into Chaos through anarchy, Christians are being killed for “sport”, Racism is rising faster then ever, rape and murder is the norm, it is time to rise to the calling and fight back with the force and will of God....

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