Friday, March 23, 2007

With Trepidation:

Last night one of our Knights was chased by 3 Muslim thugs in his home town, thankfully he got away; at least we hope he did. Today, Friday, March 23, 2007, he did send a friend an email saying he was OK but since then none of us have heard from him.

LionHeart is a very dedicate warrior of the pen and has made many enemies from his endeavors and even had to flee his country for a time, he has since returned but not without trepidation and a fair amount of danger.

Being a Knight of God in today’s time is no less dangerous than what our predecessors faced in the Crusades, there is danger around every corner, even in our homes, this insidious war we are engaged in through no fault of our own is growing in threat and invasion, England, France, Germany and the United States are under direct attack and people are not seeing it, open your eyes, fight back, or die in your sleep, it will not matter to them, they just want you to die.

LionHeart is fighting and he is paying the price, help him by opening your eyes and crying out, “enough, this is our country and if you want to be here then learn to be one of us”.

We did not ask you to come to our country and with what you are doing we want you out, one way or another, Christianity will win and you will get your rightful reward. LionHeart is one man of many, if you get him or me there are still more of us to do battle with, remember this the next time you kneel to your God.

Update: As of Sunday 03 March 2007 LionHeart is reported safe, thank God...

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