Monday, April 2, 2007

A country betrayed: by Highlander, 2007

2 April 2007 a day that will live in infamy. Teachers in the Great Country of England do not want to teach the very history that made their country; they do not want to teach the children about the Holy Crusades. Nor do they want to teach about what happened in World War II and the Jewish Holocaust.

So when they teach about King Richard the Lionheart, what will they say, how will they explain the reason for his kidnapping and ransom, where was he to be kidnapped and why? Are they just going to gloss over this and any other parts of their history that touches upon the Holy Crusades?

This is another blight on our society by the people we entrust our child to on a daily basis. Why should they be afraid to teach history? Why should the Muslims object, they won? In my opinion ANY teacher who will not teach the history of the Holy Crusades should have their teaching credentials revoked for life.

What's next, teachers no longer will teach about the Civil War because it makes southerners look bad, or not teach about the history of WW2 and the atrocities committed by the Japanese in China and against our men in uniform? Teachers have no right to decide what they will or will not teach, as long it is the truth as it is known. Political correctness be damned, let the truth prevail...

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