Thursday, May 10, 2007

Templar Rules

The rule of chivalry by which all Templars are bound consists in six chivalric virtues and ten chivalric orders. The six chivalric virtues are: Prowess at Arms (inquire about what is meant by this), Loyalty, Generosity, Moderation, Courtesy, Honor. The ten chivalric orders are:
1. You shall believe the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith expressed in the Apostles' Creed (Symbolum Apostolorum), and pray thrice daily.
2. You shall defend the Holy Name of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, and defend all His Christian people.
3. You shall respect and defend the weak, the sick, and the needy.
4. You shall patriotically love and protect your own country.
5. You shall not retreat from combat with Satan and his demons, nor from combat with those under their control or influence.
6. You shall ceaselessly oppose Evil and Deceit.
7. You shall perform scrupulously your civic duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of God.
8. You shall never lie, and shall remain faithful to your pledged word.
9. You shall be prudently generous to all and give alms and aid.
10. You shall be everywhere and always the champion of Right, Good, Love, and Tolerance against Injustice, Evil, Hatred, and Bigotry.

This one of seven originals was in turn confiscated by the communists from the Closter of Trinity in Sagorsk, outside Moscow when the communists closed the churches in Russia. It is claimed that this book, known of very few,(one confiscated copy, from the Order of Knights Templar property, isclaimed to be stocked in the Vatican) become one of the reasons forthe ban of the Knights Templar as Johannes of Jerusalem here, beforeNostradamus, predict in prophecy about the centre of the world, to beopposite to the opinion of the Church at the time.

Prophecy of Jean of Jerusalemone of the founders of the TempliersI see and I know.My eyes discover in the Sky what will be and I crossed the time of only one step.A hand guides me towards what you do not see nor do not know.Thousand years will have passed and Jerusalem will not be any more the city of Cross of Christ.Sand will have hidden under its grains the walls of our castles, our armours and our bones.It will have choked our voices and our prayers.The Christians come by far as pilgrims where were their Right and their Faith, will dare to approach the Tomb and the Relics only escorted by Jewish Knights who will have here their Kingdom and their Temple.


thor said...

The templars were also not allowed to talk to, touch or have relations with a woman, and could not take off a sheepskin that they wore. They were not allowed to be naked and could not take showers to enforce this. They had lights burning all night to prevent homosexuality in their dorm rooms

Anonymous said...

homosexuality was not allowed are you would have been exicuted

Anonymous said...

The Templars were not allowed to touch a woman etc etc, but in Malta (and likely elsewhere too) I think there were a good number of children born to Templars. Sometimes lofty ideals are only that.

Bishop Robert Paris said...

Many today consider themselves Knights Templar if they belong to a Philanthropic, or Fraternal Group. For those that want to me true Templars are you willing to take arms to end the growing Kaliphate of the Muslims? If that is your true desire I would love to hear from you.
Non nobis, Domine, non nobis; sed Nomini Tuo da gloriam

Jamie James said...

I wish to join this noble journey if possible thanks

Jamie James said...