Monday, June 4, 2007

Despair and Confusion:

One man or women is a beginning, but only a beginning the world needs everyone to band together and defend ourselves against the monster called Islam. 900 years ago a small group of valiant Knight’s banded together to protect the Christians of the Holy lands and from these nine men grew an organization of power, power to defend Christendom and beyond, until they were betrayed by those they trusted… Many think they were defeated and driven into extinction, but they are still here and still ready to do battle.

Who are these “New” Knight’s of Christ and if they are here, where are they and what are they doing? Why are they not protecting the Christians of the world? Why are they letting the Jihadist kill the innocents, are they not still sworn to protect or are they just there to look good in their white mantels and red crosses?

I am tired and others are tired of trying to go it alone to warn the people of the crusades we are in right now, right in front of their faces, when will they see, when will they act?

Templars where are you, what are you doing? We cannot do it alone, when are you going to help, why are you hiding? One of your soldiers ask me “ I am completely lost, what’s next” and I could not answer him, because it is the same question I am asking myself, what’s next? Well can you answer that?

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