Saturday, June 23, 2007

Guys - (A question put forth)

What is the connection of the Templars with the Essenes and the Rosicrucian’s? Do they relate today?

I do not believe there is any real direct connection between the 3 of these organizations, at least in today’s society. The Essenes are credited with controlling the Zealots of biblical times but this connection changed as time went on and the Order of the Cross was formed by Robert the Bruce during his time in Scotland and his protection of the Templar’s that fled to Scotland, both of these events were at about the same time so once again there could have been a connection then but I do not believe that it still exists today…

Many modern esoteric organizations will try to tie together the Templar’s and the Essenes and the Rose Cross for or to receive a better reputation than they actually possess. By saying they are derived from the original Knight’s Templar or that the Templar’s became part of them through association is ludicrous and demeaning for the Templar’s both then and now.

You also have the “neo-Templar’s” who associate themselves with any esoteric group they can find in order to give themselves some sort of legitimacy in the eyes of others, when in fact they have nothing to do with any true Templar organization and never will have.

Rosicrucian tradition traces the group's origin to the schools of philosophy begun by Pharaoh Thutmosis III in 1489 B.C. almost 40 years before the exodus by the Hebrews from Egypt and the formation of the Warriors of God the original name for the coming Knight’s Templar of the medieval times.

The Essenes as told by Pliny link them and the Zealots together as one expanded organization and the Zealots as we know were the warriors of Gods of the times, even Christ and his men are described as being members of the Zealots, which could explain why Jesus told his merry men to obtain swords even if they had to sell their clothing to do so.

So you can see that while they are not directly connected their could be that implication put forth and many will believe in the connection, for what reason I do not know, except for possibly wanting to believe once again that the Templar’s were and are still an esoteric organization, for which we as Templar’s take offence…

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