Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In reply to Luis:

Luis, you ask, “Who are you to speak in the name of the Templars”? I answer with this; I have been a Templar for many, many years, I have seen the coming out of different Templar organizations since 1995 and have watch others go by the wayside from lack of effort and or interest.

I do think you need correcting on one thing, and that is; Christian, Muslim, Judaism are not “races” but they are religions, and I am not against any of them, what I am against are the people who kill for the “sake” of their religion in what they call a “Jihad”. These people deserve nothing but death in my opinion for that is what they want of us.

Luis, I do not know who you are, nor do I really care. (Unless you are; Luis Carlos De Matos, Grand Prior of Portugal and General Secretary of IFA)

You say you are a Templar and yet you show no Templar heart, it is a Templar’s duty to protect Christians first and that is what I promote and fight for. You say let others more prepared to fight do the fighting, so where are you, I see none of you doing any fighting on any front.

Luis do not get me wrong where the Templars are concerned, for Templarism is my life and I strive to protect their name anyway I can, but to see the Grand Masters concerning themselves with politics and UN functions and not seeing anything being done directly in the very countries where they are headquartered is something that really bothers me and needs to be addressed…


LionHeart said...

I pledge my allegience to you Highlander as someone with a Templar heart given by Almighty God.

The one who lifts up and brings down.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

A Failed bombing campaign in London.


God bless