Monday, June 11, 2007

Is it 1307 again?

Is it 1307, again? Only this time of our own choosing? Membership is falling, more and more “Templars” are leaving the fold and even fewer are joining. The many Templar organizations in the world are loosing sight of Templar ideals and Templar goals and this is what I believe is causing the mini exodus from knighthood.

The Templar of IFA/SMOTJ/OSMTH and other groups are seemingly concentrating on problems in the Middle East and other third world countries and not paying attention to what is going on in their own countries.

There are men and women out there who are trying to help their own people in their own countries that could use the help from the different Templar organizations and yet receive none, why is that OSMTH? England is fast becoming a Mecca for the Muslims of the Jihad, they control many small towns and villages throughout the UK and yet what does the government do, what does the Templars of the area do? Nothing, they ignore the entire situation as if it doesn’t exist…

And what are the true Templars doing about this situation? Again nothing for them this situation is not part of their decree of duty. They have one job and one job only and that does not include solving the problems of the world, so do not expect them to help…

The neo-Templars of today need to realign themselves with the needs of the world today and start helping all of those in need wherever that help is needed and with this maybe they can gain back the reputation they should never have lost and also regain the members they have lost and also the new members that never came.

Knight’s Templar of the world remember who once you were and become so once again…


Luis de Matos said...

I think you are being extremely negative and narrow-minded in your judgement. Templars ARE helping Christians, Muslims, Jews and everyone else because they are not racists. I don't see why we should fight jihad anymore than we should fight bigotry or any form of injustice. I don't understand your underlying tone of anti-muslim propaganda and why is it disguised as templar? Who are you to talk in Templar's name? Try to act as a human being, if possible a Christian (with all that it implies in terms of universal love), let others more prepared do the "fighting", or you'll end up entangled in the ropes and sales of a huge windmill.

Luis de Matos said...

Oh! I see, you need to approve the comment. Tough luck, I'll never see mine here... Thought control is also on your agenda, isn't it? Templars should fight for a prevailing western way of life and thought, right?

LionHeart said...

Go back to bed in your castle Luis de Matos, you are so far from reality and out of touch with the truth and the real world.

You are living in a fantasy.

"Others more prepared"

If there were othere more prepared then there would not be blogs like this for you to comment on.

You imply that you are one of those more prepared.

Ha dont make me laugh, go back to your dream world of the 11th Century.

Leave the pressing issues of the 21st Century to the new Knighthood of which God is raising up a new breed of warriors.

God bless you brother Luis


Anonymous said...

You are right on the mark about calling out the Templars. Like minded people need to start to work together , to join our voices against the radical Islam menace that is pervasive in our world, not just our countries. Keep on them, drag them out into the street, where that action is and make them respond or make them say that they are no longer effective and they need to go away or change their name.