Saturday, July 14, 2007

Are the Jihadist winning the war on terror?

This blog was started to serve the ideals and the history of the Templar Knight’s and not become another fear mongering blog against the Muslims of the world. But it seems that this ideal is not to be, at least at this time.

The Knight’s Templar battled the Muslims for hundreds of years in the medieval times and it seems we are destined to do so again. However there are to many Templar groups dedicated to helping people through different charities, this is truly a great service to the people in need, but what about the rest of the worlds people who live in fear of a people whose religion promotes death and destruction as a requirement to obtain heaven?

The Templar’s do not need to draw their swords to battle against the Muslim Jihadist; they simply have to become watchdogs for peace. Is this asking to much, are the Templar’s truly dead to the ideals of their fore fathers of battle?

Swords will not alone win this war against terrorism; it will take the cooperation of everyone who is against death and destruction of the innocent. Whether people of Luton, England or the people of Livonia, NY,or Orange, CA. USA, join our brethren there and all the rest of the world too, band together now and let us defeat the terrorist now, today, let us not wait for another 9/11 or 7/7 to happen or worse yet a nuclear bomb or chemical bomb being let off in our towns and cities of our respective countries.

Our governments have predicted a potential summer of terror. They are say “if” something is going to happen but that something will happen and when it does it has the potential to be much larger and more deadly that any other previous attack to date.

None of this need happen if we stand together as one and battle to their death the Jihadist who wants all of us dead, our wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, everyone.

Join with the Highlander, join with Lion Heart become part of our Worldwide Terrorist Watchdog Coalition and open your eyes and see what is being done in our communities and others throughout the world. You do not have to belong to any Templar organization to help save the world, having the soul of a knight is born in you not assigned by someone or some organization and given to you, stand up for yourself, stand up for your family, your neighborhood, country the world, let the Jihadist know that their time is ending and we are taking back our cities, towns, states and countries, there will be not place on earth for them to hide from people who have opened their eyes and stand against them, the Jihadist want to be with their Allah, then join us in helping send them there, NOW!

If you see something that you think is wrong or suspicious in nature the email the Highlander if this occurs in the USA or LionHeart if in the UK anywhere else in the world email either one of us and we will get the information to those who are in a position to do something about what you saw.


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LionHeart said...

As you say Highlander it is our individual responsibility to do what is right and speak out against the terror that surrounds us rather than sitting in ignorance and cowardice.

It a good way forward that we should incorporate in some way.

God bless you


dualist said...

I'll will speak out against terrorism. We need to stop the Templars who are the original terrorist. The people who came to America with blankets containing small pox and intentionally gave to the natives. The people who hide there cowardly asses in the church and secretly worship lucifer or baphomet. The people who have taken the history of the cathars (who were truly good christians) for there own. You are nothing but greedy mudering Zionist.You are the only ones who beleive your bullshit. We are not with you we are against you. so be it and have at it.