Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In reply to this blog by “Michael” of the Knight’s of St. Michael.

Monday, August 13, 2007
Where are the modern day Knights Templar?

Do a Google search under the title "knights templar", you get 1,410,000 hits!

Do the same search for "knights templar groups" and you get over a half million hits.

They are everywhere, claiming priories all over the world. My question is, If there are so many groups of Knights Templars all over the world, why do we not hear a word from them about the radical Muslim threats and acts of terrorism?

Their voices match the sound of the moderate Muslim, you don't hear a thing!

Go to some of their websites and read how they are still here and enjoy parading around in their plumed hats and carrying swords. They even make claims that each group is the original group and do not trust the others. I have yet to see one make a claim that they are useless in the fight against the enemy that they started the fight with and left the clean up to the average Christian or Jew that is being attacked, today, by radical Muslims!

Where are they? Where are their blogs talking about how they should be involved in the current fight against jihad? Seems to me that they would be in the lead on this matter since they started the fight! They went away after the end of the crusades, but the radical Muslims did not. They are fighting this war like it was the 13th century.

I think that the world needs to give them a jab in the ribs and ask why they are nowhere to be found. This is the beginning. I intend to write here on this blog about the issue and I intend to write to the various groups that claim that heritage and issue the challenge to step up and add their voices to ours.

For your information however, I will post here some of the groups and some of their statements from their web sites regarding the terrorism issue.

All I have to say about this is, “What a crock of fucking shit”, who does this guy “Michael” think he is, challenging us (Templars) to do more then we are doing, he who is not even a Templar, If he wants to do something then maybe he should do so and not blame others for what he is not willing to do or can only do so through others who are.

Copying what others have written or said and then posting it on his own site as “his” own ideas or values is not the sign of a leader, it is the sign of a cowardly copycat with no original ideas of his own.

“Michael” seems to want to do something to help the world’s situation but has no idea of how to do so on his own and this is not the way.

I have written thing to which my fellow brother’s took offence especially Luis de Matos but I did so from a point of frustration with the present world situation and in doing so hopefully goad my brethren into trying to do more. But for someone to basically call us cowards and not even having the courage to be a Knight himself is ludicrous beyond reason.
It is for this reason that the “Order of Templar Knights”, cannot and will not give or offer any more support to “Michael” and his “Knight’s of St. Michael” and his blog site reference will be removed for my blog site and I urge all Templar Knight’s to do the same, for if you are not with us you are against us.…

James von Braun, GMOTK

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