Thursday, August 16, 2007

A man of two minds; “Stupidity and Confusion”:

In reading Bin Laden’s “Declaration of War”, I see a “man” who does not think things through and lives in fear of the world and has no clear vision of the whole. Bin Laden rants as to how the “Christian Crusaders” must be driven from the Arabian Peninsula and how the people of Islam must protect their wealth of oil. OK, so he drives the infidels from the land and he closes of the pipelines, where is the wealth now? It’s in the ground or in storage drums waiting for customers it no longer has, good move Bin Laden.

In other parts of his “Declaration” he calls for other scholar/terrorist to destroy the oil fields to stop the “west” from getting their oil. Once again, if they do not sell the oil where does the wealth come from?

Bin Laden has also confused the titles that are given to the low life, scum sucking, baby killing, murderers we call Terrorist and that he calls “scholars”. Scholars are intellectual people dedicated to improving the societies in which they live, not some low live strapping a bomb around themselves and blowing people who have nothing to do with anything political or immoral and doing so in the name of some religion that was started by a drunken, murdering, rapist, 1500 years ago. Where is the honor in this Bin Laden? Strapping bombs on children who have barely begun to live their lives because you do not have the guts to do it yourself, that is so noble, it makes me want to shit on the Koran, but I won’t because there are to many good and decent Muslims out there that hate and despise you as much as the rest of us.

Imagine, into a building walks a cute little 9 year old boy and all of a sudden he cries out “Allah be merciful” and pulls the bomb cord blowing up all 5 people inside including himself, what an accomplishment, right? Score another one for Bin Laden, because I sincerely doubt Allah would have condoned this. Now this 9 year old boy gets to go to their version of heaven to drink and whore around with his 72 vestal virgins, what 9 year old boy would not want this? (sarcasm)

Yes, the world is at war and this war is against a maniac who thinks he is a God incarnate, but all he is, is a man without conscience or morals as are his followers. The main body of Muslims do not support him or him methods or what he is trying to do (if he even knows).

We citizens of America know that we are the targets of this madman and expect him to try and annihilate us in someway and we are trying to stop him, but while he is dedicated to his murderous cause most of our people are asleep at the wheel and we Americans MUST wake up and defend our country. It is NOT only our government’s duty to protect us; it is our own duty too. Our forefathers knew this and allowed for militias to be formed and well armed for the times. The militia’s existing today seem to be made up of a bunch of anti-government people who care more for their little bands of marry men and not banded together to protect the very country in which they live, work and die in.

The Islamic religion has a long and bloody history since its inception by Mohammed and we infidels (Christians and Jews) have been battling them ever since, this “War on Terror” did not start with 9/11 or 7/7 or the bombing of our Embassies or the blowing up of the USS Cole, it started when a lying, thieving, murdering, rapist dreamed up a religion of violence, where murder and mayhem are considered “Godly acts”.

Let us, the world, band together and put a stop to the Jihadist but not the Muslims who want to worship in their own way and be left alone as we wish to be left also to live and love as we see fit and not how some demented madman says we must.

A challenge to my beloved Templar’s has been made by people that have no idea what the Templar’s are, only what they once were and not even everything that they once stood for and were.

The Knight’s Templar were not only “Warriors of God” doing battle against the evil infidels of Islam. They were ambassadors of peace, actual scholars, advisors to Kings, Peacemakers and let us not forget businessmen. These Warriors not only fought on the battlefield but in the background as well.

What do these “people” who call for the Templar’s to rise once again expect, do they expect us to don our battle garb, mount our proverbial white horses, draw our swords and once again ride into the breaches of battle? This is the 21st century, not the 12th, we battle as our kind can and do, behind the scenes, in the boardrooms of politics and the boardrooms of business, both private and State.

I for one, as a Templar would love to see us go into battle riding the modern day equivalent of the horse, a white tank showing our cross and flying our battle beausant and someday we may, but not quite yet.

Bin Laden has made his “Declaration of War” committed to the destruction of the western world and everyone not following his party line. So let us do the same, let us issue our own Declaration of War against him and anyone else who wants to change how we live our private lives. As a Templar I have already made this pledge to do what I can, when I can, however I can, what about you good people of the world?

These words are not nice to some and not enough for others, some will copy them and us them as their own, but as long as the word gets out, then so be it, for we face a madman and his minions and stopping them is all that should matter…

Join Lionheart and the Highlander in our Worldwide Terrorist Watchdog Coalition and let us defeat the maniac before he kills more of our people…

If you see something that you think is wrong or suspicious in nature the email the Highlander if this occurs in the USA or LionHeart if in the UK or anywhere else in the world email either one of us and we will get the information to those who are in a position to do something about what you saw.


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