Saturday, September 29, 2007

A country of immigrants: A view not as a Templar but as an American…

America was founded by immigrants and today we are suffering from the shear number of immigrants coming into our country today, why?

My grandfathers were immigrants, one from Germany and one from Scotland; they came as so many others did, to be free to do as they choose and not as they were told. This is a familiar story as immigrants go, they came they fought prejudice and they led their lives, they married had children, grand children, even great grand children and then they died and their children’s stories continued on, up through the years until today, my time.

When my grandfather came from Germany he was young, but not a baby so he spoke only German and had started his education in Germany, but here he was forced to learn more English (my great grandfather and great grandmother started teaching them English before they came in order to fit in better) when they arrived my great grand parents forbid their children from speaking German in the house, at school, anywhere and the same went for my grandfather and grandmother, no German…

My grandfather told me this was because his father said they were Americans now and they were to do as Americans did, live as Americas lived and die as Americans, they did not come here to be “German-Americans” or “Scottish-Americans” they came here to be Americans.

At school he was teased because of his accent and his style of dress and he had many fights because of this, but he was learning to be an American. Later on he and his brother started a cartage company and then he met my future grandmother, a little Scottish woman, they married and had 12 children of which my father was the 5 in line.

These immigrants from Germany and Scotland once they came here never considered themselves anything but American who happened to be born somewhere else and I for one bless them for there coming here, for they are the very people who made America great.

What is happening today with the immigrants of the world who come to a country because their country cannot give them what they want or even what they need, they come to America, to England, France, Germany and other countries to get what they want and what they need, but do so without any personal need to give back, without wanting to belong, they take and take, they protest because they are not given what they think they deserve, they are not treated like a fellow countrymen should be treated, why not? Why are they not treated like they think they should be I’ll tell you why? They come here with the intention of bettering themselves and bettering the lives of their families but do not care about bettering the country they now call home, at least home while they are getting what they want.

A man brings his family to America, he is bring them I believe because he wants a better life for his children and for himself, he works hard, he studies American life, he sends his children to American schools to learn and to become better American, he pays his taxes and saves his money to buy his family their own home, he loves America, his family becomes American citizens and loves their adopted country and this country loves them back, for they are Americans.

While the majority of immigrants coming here and else where are just like this family who want to be Americans and not; German-Americans or African-American or Greek-American or anything else- Americans, just Americans and they are welcome here and else where. They are not being forced to change their religious beliefs, they are not forced to become something they are not, the only forcing them to do anything is their own desire to become a good citizen of the country they chose to adopt as their own.

While this family is simply a representation of the many families that come here for a better life they are not the only ones who come here under a disguise so insidious they are hated even by their own people.

A young man is sent to the United States on an educational scholarship, he studies, he lives a student life, he graduates and returns to his country and begins to teach others the decadent ways of America and he becomes a terrorist, bent on destroying the very country they welcomed him with open arms and gave him the very education he is using against us.

I do not mean that they simply want to blow us all up; it is much more insidious than that. They come back here with sudo-families and start demanding that they be given rights of which they are not entitled. They demand that we curtail our religious beliefs and religious holidays as they violate their “rights”. They demand that we change our laws so that their laws come first, they demand and demand more.

We and the rest of the world is under attack, not by Jihadist but by immigrants who are determined to turn the world into a domain of hatred, they are not the immigrants of our fore fathers or even the immigrants of our own fathers, they come here to promote hatred not loyalty, religious intolerance instead of tolerance and jealousy of our life style and the lives we live.

We can no longer keep letting these immigrants into our country, free to do as they please, free to harm us and our children, free to destroy our countries buildings, farms, infrastructure and people. The immigrants of yesterday they are not, should we keep letting these people in without recourse, basically without reason, we must stop the insanity and start requiring verification of their references and verification of everything else while they are here. They have not earned their citizenship yet so they should not be afforded the benefits that citizenship gives you.

We need our government to stand up to these people and demand that they follow our ways, we do not want their country brought into ours, if they still want to abide by their countries customs then return them to it, do not give them a second chance if they do not adhere to our ways then send them home since it would be obvious that America is not going to be there new home only an extension of theirs.

Let the true immigrant come, after all America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Immigrants help build our country, immigrants help protect our country, immigrants are our countries backbone.

God bless our country and the immigrants that came to help build it.


Glenn "The Warrior" said...

Hi Highlander,
Great Post. I am Glenn.
I am shocked to read that Muslims in America and England are asking the government not to allow Churches to Ring the Bells on Sunday. and take off other rights of Christians.How dare they say that?
Do the Muslims allow us to Practice Christianity in Arab world?
No! Then how can they come to USA or other Christian Countries and build their mosques?

Highlander said...

Glenn, this is what is at the crux of the problems of our mixing with Muslims and vice versa. We as separate religious beliefs have never meshed and never will when one group believes they are supreme and everyone should belong to their religion, no exceptions...

Anonymous said...

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