Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Notice: The Crusades have returned.

Jihad has been declared by the Islamic terrorist against all Knight Templar organizations and their members, worldwide.

This announcement was release at the end of last week and was preceded by the murders of two of our own in Afghanistan a few weeks back.

It seems that fighting a war with all of major countries on earth is not enough for them, now they are restarting the Holy Crusades again.

All Templars are warned to be on continuous alert for their own safety and the safety of their loved ones. It is being suggested that we do not wear any symbols of our affiliations in public and when attending meetings to arrive in street cloths, changing into our cloaks at the meeting place.

Remember this is suggested for you own safety, but I for one will not hide who I am and I will not change my ways in order to seek safety from those who wish to harm us, for this I believe is just what they want us to do, the choice is yours my brethren, hide and be safe or be defiant and be who you are for all to see, a Knight of the Temple…


LionHeart said...

Hi Highlander, i will post about this on my blog once I have finished the post i am working on at present.

No Kinght of Christ should bow down in fear through Moslem intimidation, the memory of the brave Knights of old and their bravery still lives in this generation through the likes of you and those out there around the world whether on the streets of Britian, America, Europe, Israel or the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Let the defence of Christendom truly begin.

God bless you


Ancient Clown said...


Many are called...Few are chosen.
Hate the SIN...NOT the sinner.
EVIL sits in the hearts of those calling themselves Christians as much as Muslems. Jesus was JEWISH. Maybe we all NEED to read Eph.6:10 again to better understand it and STOP being prejudice.
Jesus LOVES ALL the little children.
your humble servant,
ancient clown