Monday, November 12, 2007

The Ancient Order of Templar Knight’s:

The time has come for us to make a stand in the name of Madeleine, the little girl who was kidnapped O’ so long ago. There have been sightings of her in North Africa and now in Bosnia, both areas are Mecca’s for white slavery and reportedly controlled by certain Islamic factions and have been since the Dark Ages.

Madeleine must be found and returned to her loving parents, we of the Ancient Order do not care if the people who took her are punished, so long as she is returned unharmed to as much of an extent as possible.

White Slavery or for that matter any slavery is abhorrent to any civilized person, but worse yet is to take a baby for whatever reason, because there is no human reason for it.

Our Order has people looking for her but we can use all the help we can get, so with that in mind we are asking that all of the Knight’s Templar organizations who are located in Europe become involved, together with such a network in place we can find her and return her to her parents.

I am not asking for a militia action, I am asking for surveillance and cooperation among all of us for the safe and speedy return of and innocent little girl who needs to be with her family.

I know there is a Templar Order in the area where Madeleine was just reported to be in and I implore you to help find her, I am sure if you look hard enough they will not be able to hide her from your Knightly eyes, help now and save her from further harm.

In your humble service,

James von Braun, GMAOTK


LionHeart said...

Amen, lets hope that the Ancient Order throughout Europe helps re-unite this child back to her family.

This has got to be one reason to have such a Godly Order, to carry out Gods will.

His will is to bridge the gap and unite this family once again.


James Casbolt said...

The Knight's Templars are one of the Shamanic groups that came from Northern Europe.

The organisations origins are in Atlantis as every high initiate knows. When Atlantis finally sank approx 10,00 years ago this white skinned Aryan group came to Atlantean colonies in the middle-east. Here they were know as the Tribe of Dan and other tribes. There was internal conflicts between the tribes of Isreal and the Tribe of Dan moved from the Middle-East to Greece at the time of the Exodus. In Greece they were known as the Spartans.

From Greece they moved to France and other places in Northern Europe where they were known as the Templars and Merovingians.

From France they moved up Britian and Ireland and over to America. It is interesting to note that the symbol for the Tribe of Dan is the Eagle seen on the American coat of arms today. in Ireland they were known as the Tuatha De Danaan super-race.

The Templars hold the ancient Shamanic teachings of this wandering royal tribe which is used by British Intelligence and the NSA today for remote viewing and other black ops

James Casbolt

Former MI 6 operative

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