Thursday, December 27, 2007

A terrible population adjustment has occurred today:

Today a crusader for Democracy and Anti-Terrorism was assassinated while campaigning for her political party; yes, I said her, As the first female prime minister in the Muslim world and perhaps to be so again...

Benazir Bhutto was shot twice today and died shortly there after in a near by hospital. With her death, some are now calling her a martyr to her cause. But did she have to die and if so why? In a previous war General George Patton said to our soldiers, “not to die for the causes in battle, let the other dumb bastards die for theirs”, and perhaps Bhutto should have heeded this advice. Dying for a cause is romantic in theory, but in reality shows little value. When you die for a cause you not only end your participation in its inception but you are also turning your dream over to someone who may not see the cause exactly as you did.

For Benazir facing threats of death was nothing new and she showed her bravery in the face of danger by still attending political rally’s, this is where she was a true Crusader for her and her countrymen’s cause, not by being martyred for that cause, her death while tragic will not serve her cause for long, but it will benefit the terrorists who killed her cause, as once again they succeeded while democracy failed to protect its supporters and hero’s.

While it is not known at this time who exactly did kill her, but everyone assumes that it was the terrorist that Bhutto fought so hard against, but there is also her own government that could be responsible for this act of cowardice, because she was a women and she opposed that which they secretly support. But who ever is responsible for her assassination will be brought to Pakistani styled justice and suffer greatly for their transgressions against democracy, women, God and country.

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