Monday, December 17, 2007

War or Population Adjustment?

Should we as a people go to all out war with a section of the world population that wants to destroy all of our ways and all of our people simply because we differ in our beliefs…

While what I am about to say is outside my normal purview and not directly Templar related, I feel I must state what is only my opinion and suggestion as to what can be done to end this “Jihad” and save the lives of people worldwide.

The United States and other countries have spent billions of our dollars and accomplished what totals up to a grand total of nothing, nothing except the demise of our young men and women who do the bidding of the military they serve so heroically.

This “war on terror” is only terrorizing the very people it is said to protect, they are bankrupting America, destroying England and for what, oil, land, freedom, tyranny, what?

Massive troop deployment from Christian countries is not working, negotiation is not working, economic withdrawal is not working, there is only one way for this to end in our favor and save lives at the same time is a simple solution but one that is not politically correct or morally correct, or is it?

Is it moral to let our people be killed for no reason other than religious hatred, is it moral for these people to say if you are not of Islam you are nothing more than a pig, a monkey, even Satan and yet they are the ones who kill children, women, the old and decrepit and people who are just trying to make a living and not hurting or hating anyone, this killing is what they call morally correct and demanded by their book they call the Koran.

Think I am being paranoid, misinformed, and even racist, then visit my friend LionHearts blog site at; and view the documentary entitled “Obsession the movie” and get a more in-depth view of what we are up against and what I think must be done to prevent more morally repulsive deaths of the innocents of the world.

In the US Marines Scout Sniper school they drive into the recruits head this simple motto,“ONE SHOT, ONE KILL” and this is what we should do in my personal opinion with the Jihadist fighting against us, either physically or verbally, freedom of speech should not be extended to these people, if they advocate death to us, then we should return the favor and remove them from our presence, anywhere on earth, give them their dream of “Paradise” before they can give us our goal of Heaven.

Morally repulsive, politically incorrect, etc., etc., I say, so what! By the simple expedient of removing each and everyone of the leading Jihadist one at a time or even multiple removals done in sequence of importance, that will not allow time to replace them, then I think at least it is my opinion that this would stop them cold and each time they try to re-organize there murderous intents repeat the removal process, after doing this as many times as it takes for them to get the message, peace will reign throughout the world and the innocent Muslims will be able to live without fear of the non-Jihadist of the world. Remove a few to save Thousands or even tens of thousands of people, then I would say, the hell with being politically correct, let the innocent ones live and the guilty pay the price…

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