Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fix America, fix the World: A job for the Templars…

The year is 1958 and America is enjoying an upswing in economics, housing is selling like hotcakes, people are buying more and more non – essential items simply to make living more comfortable to them and their families. America is prospering and so is the world, at least countries above the third world level.

The time 2008 and America is in an economic and political down turn that most say is just the start of a recession and things will get much worse, both here and abroad. Our politicians seem to have forgotten who they work for and just what their position in our society is exactly. The politicians of the world have become even bigger whoremongers and thieves than ever before in recorded history, Nero could not hold a candle to the politicians of today. Money and power are the Gods of today and when you try to write about these whoremongers you subject yourself to arrest, even though we supposedly have the unalienable right of freedom of speech, a right the very politicians who are elected to protect they circumvent for their own gain.

People throughout the world are being arrested and imprisoned for writing about how they feel concerning what they feel is a betrayal of trust. These people being arrested for Sedition, for Racism and in a few cases, even Treason, all for writing about what concerns them.

As an example, a friend of mine is being charged with inciting Racism for what he has written on his blog and he will not be the last. His concern is the taking over of his hometown and Country by certain people of Islam, no violence is threatened and no violence is committed, just writing about his fears, will his arrest serve Justice, of course not, but it will serve the drug dealers who have pushed the politicians of his town into bringing him up on these charges in order to stop him. The truth does hurt those who try to hide it.

The people of the United States of America are at War on numerous fronts and all at the same time. We battle Drugs, we battle Terrorist, we battle Religious intolerance that threatens our own religions and religious rights and we battle our politicians who fight to protect people that have no rights to protect as they are NOT citizens of this great country and yes, our country is still the greatest country on this small planet, we battle the same politicians who are trying to drive us into a single world ideology that puts everyone under a single world government that is divided into territories or regions of control. Is this the American way; is this what the people of America want? The answer is NO, not now, not ever!

America was founded on the premise of the freedoms of religion and other ideologies that are quickly being diluted or destroyed by our own government, under our very noses, for nefarious purposes. We have at this very moment a person running for President of the United States, who has repeatedly refused to place his hand on his heart as our National Anthem is being played, as required by law, which should NOT be necessary, he is not fit in my opinion to represent a dead duck with his ignorance towards this country. His female challenger has sold out this country in my opinion with her support of the UN and its direct involvement with in our national borders with was started with her then President husband, a direct violation of the Constitution, which to these people mean nothing, except when they need it to further their political agendas.

Americans are being duped, the English have been duped and the world WILL end up suffering more. The U.N., the E.U. and other insidious alliances are in place working against the people of the world to gain more power, more money, and more of everything they can and all at our expense, including our very lives, for to them we are only puppets to be toyed with as they desire and then thrown away whenever they tire of us. Is this the future we want, the future we deserve, but it is the future we will have if nothing is done to stop them and stop them now!

We as Templar Knights have a duty to protect the Christians of the world and I now feel that we Templars have the added duty of protecting the innocents of the world no matter their religious beliefs, whether they be Catholics or Muslim, Buddhist or Baptist, Jews or Hindus, we must strive to protect them all.

We cannot wage a war of might against the infidels of God, but we can wage a war of public opinion and education, a war of truth and Justice, a war of servants to God against the servants of Evil.

While our numbers are only in the thousands, but each and every one of us present the truth to a few more people outside our Order, then our numbers become legion and our power unsurpassable to the enemies of OUR world, yes our world and not their world, at least not yet…

Templars unite as one, unite as we were once, a single army under a banner of truth-Justice and the way of the All mighty God. Take our planet back for these people and never again forget that we are all Gods people, whether we come from America or Armenia, England or Ethiopia, Russia or Rumania, it matters not, it only matters that we defeat evil and curtail injustice, honor each other as we horror ourselves, treat others as we would have them treat us and raise our children with the knowledge of chivalry and compassion, not the mentality of more for me and whatever for you that to many of us in this material world have today.


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