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UK attacks a Templar of our Order

The let the Battle for the Heart & Soul of Great Britain commence!

I would like to thank everyone for their messages of support and for the exposure of this on your own sites now that I know I am going to be arrested by British detectives on suspicion of stirring up Racial Hatred through my blog.

I have had murdering Pakistani Moslems from Luton wanting to kill me during the course of 2007 because I helped the police arrest and imprison one of them who was selling heroin and crack cocaine in my community and now I have this to look forward to in 2008.

I went to ground in 2007 and covered my tracks so that I have been untraceable by anyone.

I lodged a complaint through an 'advocate' against the police for their failure to investigate the threats against my life that I had received for helping them due to the fact that I could no longer use my i.d anymore because Moslems have infiltrated every part of British society, so I could not work and I could not claim benefits - help was the least the police could do considering all of the factors concerned.

These threats against my life were witnessed by people who knew the severity of the threats that were issued and Bedfordshire police did NOTHING!!! not even check to see whether it had happened.

You tell me if that should be the conduct of those who are employed to protect the public and uphold law and order?

What would you expect from the police if your life had just been threatened by murdering Pakistani Moslems from Luton?

I had to close my business, I lost my home, I had to bankrupt myself and I became a vagrant in my own country because of Pakistani Moslems wanting to kill me and the British polices failure to help me even though I had just helped them.

British justice in the 21st Century which can be read about on the first months of my blog.

Now those same police officers that I had helped want to arrest me for writing about my experiences and the experiences of what is happening in my community on my blog.

I live in the area of Luton which was the start of point of the July 7th bombings and which was home to the biggest bombing campaign ever planned against the British homeland which was called the 'fertiliser plot' that was smashed up by the British security services under the name 'operation crevice'.

Where I live is the frontline in Al Qaeda's war against Great Britain, and my blog exposes that for the British people to read so that they can understand the seriousness of the threat that they now face.

Yet somebody somewhere has now chosen to try to silence me - You want a fight, then lets fight.

In the course of the police investigation into me, the details of my advocate came up and they visited his workplace to question him over Christmas. The detectives gave him their contact details to give to me and I immediately contacted the investigating officer to find out why they were looking for me, he told me it was about my blog and that I am being arrested on suspicion of stirring up Racial Hatred.

The police know they have no way of finding me just like the Moslems so have asked for me to attend the station on a specific date and time to be questioned and give a statement as part of their investigation into me.

This fight that I am now in against my own people is a fight for everybody who knows the truth about what Islam is doing to our way of life and the war they are now conducting against us within our own lands. I have not called for people to be murdered or harmed, all I have done is written the truth from my perspective about this Holy War being waged against my country and the Western World to help enlighten others to the truth for the sake of our children.

Now I am an enemy of those same people that I have sought to protect, because they are the ones who have voted into power the ones who have sanctioned my arrest and the ones who are carrying out their orders.

I have had family members murdered this year due to what is happening on the streets of Luton, I have had friends die and there are untold other cases of death, murder and violence on the streets of Luton because of the Pakistani Moslem community and the police target me for warning my friends, my community and my country about what really is going on down here on the ground in Luton.

Civil War is the only word for it, and the Moslems are winning because no one is doing anything to stop them other than me through my words, I am the only one in my community who has stood up to the Pakistani Moslem threat and said 'no' (everyone else has run away) and now I am being arrested for my actions.

The Senior Luton police officers who have sanctioned this on behalf of the government should be ashamed of themselves considering they know that everything I have written about Luton is true, that same government who has stripped their officers of any dignity through what they are willing to pay them and the same government who has underfunded them by 4 million and then classed them as the worst performing constabulary in the country.

Look at what you are now trying to pin on me after what your officers have done to me - Even after putting my life on the line to try and help Bat man and Robin!!!

I will not go down without a fight, and there is nothing to say I will not win the fight, I know that I stand justified with God on my side, with millions of people from around the world supporting me because they believe exactly the same as what I believe and reject the Islamic war that is being waged against them and the traitors in their midst who are helping that same Moslem war.

You fight me then you fight those same millions of people from around the world.

The battle has commenced with IH and SF the frontline in the British governments war against me and my words of truth - You should ask to be taken off of this case or what you are doing will stay with you forever.

I have had many good comments about what I should now do which is very much appreciated, I am currently in America so if there are any people out there who can help me in anyway then it would be greatly welcomed.
Please keep coming back to read everything about what has befallen me and what is now befalling me, because today it is me and tomorrow it is you - We are all in this together, and it is our children and grandchildrens future that now hangs in the balance.

God knows exactly who sanctioned this against me, so whether you believe in Him or not it does not matter, but He is watching my back against you and like I said, let Lord Ahmed be a lesson to each of you!

Not only do we have the Islamic enemy in our midst, we have a few British traitors over the reigns of power who want a war against the British people.

I am sure though that in as much as we know there are forces against me and the British people in the highest realms of power there are also people on our side - Truth and Justice will always prevail.

"No surrender is the British motto"

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the tribe of Judah


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