Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An open letter to the real IRA

To: The real IRA

From: The Grand Master of the Ancient Order of Templar Knights

What the hell are you doing associating with the Continuity IRA, they indiscriminately kill anyone they want to, they deal in drugs they promote the inclusion of children as young as 13 to join them by harming innocent people and then they graduate to more deadly means.

The Continuity IRA has no grand design to help free Ireland from the English, they revel in mayhem and murder, they deal in drugs, for what reason, to raise money for the “cause” that is a joke and you know it.

I have no problem with the real IRA and their goals of freedom, but I do have a problem with drug dealers and murderers acting under the guise of freedom fighter simply for their own dreams that have nothing to do with freedom for the Irish.

Let me give you an example of the actions of the Continuity IRA and this “example” is true and as of today is still going on.

A short time ago a lady and her son felt the need to leave their home and birth country to start a new life in her ancestral home country (Ireland). Her brother had been tortured and murdered by a religious cult and with-in a year she lost both of her parents. After only a short time in Balbriggan she met a man named Oliver, who will celebrate his 37 year in a short while and says to call him Ollie for short, Ollie’s son and her son became friends and after about three weeks they met and now the story begins.

Oliver is a real player, he seduced her quickly and convinced her of his “love”, exactly what she needed and wanted with all of her heart as she nears 50 years of age. Very quickly he brought her deeper and deeper into his world of drugs and murder and to her credit she started to see what he was, but she had come to love him. So she sent her son back home and she remained to try and convince Ollie to leave his terrorist world and come home with her. Little did she realize who you really are huh Oliver?

Two nights ago all of this came to ahead, you were shot three times and were treated by someone in your gang and then from what I understand and what you intimated to her is that after treatment you killed him so he could not talk, that show “real honor” someone helps you and you show them how much you care by killing them the same as you tried to do to her, you dump her and plead with her to help you and how you need her and love her and then when she tells you where she is you send your goons to kill her, what a man.

After that she went to the Garda and their SDU unit and told them everything she knew and they told her all about who you really are and what you have done and the most probable reason you hooked up with her. She was expedited out of Ireland and is now safe, leave her alone it is over, go back to your killing way of life and forget about her and her son.

I sincerely hope that the real IRA grows some balls and deals with people like you who use their name and reputation for their own gain…

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