Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where is all the money going and why? A Templars view…

Everyday I read how the economy is falling into despair do to the ineptitude of our elected officials but is it really their fault and if not whose fault is it really?

Fuel is over 4 dollars per gallon in some places in the USA and it is not the governments fault for this, the oil companies are now making over 2 dollars per gallon produced and declaring record profits while we the people pay the price. Now I have always been in favor of free enterprise and for businesses to be free of governments’ control, but now I need to re-think my feelings for greed is greed and should not and cannot be allowed to continue unchecked.

At my local grocery store with only two or three locations they have taken to raising prices on speculation only, if they hear that there might be a possibility that this or that might happen we find that they have risen their prices the very next day and when asked they try to say it is because of a price increase that has not even happened yet, so even this small chain is guilty of gouging. Is there no business that is honest and above what in my opinion is nothing but a crime, a crime we should not and can no longer afford to let happen.

While fuel prices are hurting us and our businesses the government is NOT innocent in their being, they continually raise taxes for and on everything they can possibly think of, why, just what are they doing with our money and how far do they think they can go before we object in a way that they cannot ignore?

The government and their taxes, just what are the taxes for?

Tax Definition

A fee charged ("levied") by a government on a product, income, or activity. If tax is levied directly on personal or corporate income, then it is a direct tax. If tax is levied on the price of a good or service, then it is called an indirect tax. The purpose of taxation is to finance government expenditure. One of the most important uses of taxes is to finance public goods and services, such as street lighting and street cleaning. Since public goods and services do not allow a non-payer to be excluded, or allow exclusion by a consumer, there cannot be a market in the good or service, and so they need to be provided by the government or a quasi-government agency, which tend to finance themselves largely through taxes.
you can see that taxes are to be used basically for public needs and the running expenses of our government and what is not mentioned is the defense of our country and I use the word “defense” because that is how it is defined it is NOT defined as being used to start wars for the benefit of the big businesses involved, especially the oil companies of the world..

Our taxes need to go for our benefit, they need to go towards our children’s educational future, they need to go for supporting our infrastructure such as our highways and by-ways, they need to go for all things American, they DO NOT need to go for this NAFTA agreement nor for the support of the United Nations and their minions dedicated to the eradication of the United States and our way of life kept sacred by the blood our brothers, sisters, fathers, uncles and grandfathers. Our taxes belong to us “We the people” of the United States of America and not to the traitors now in office and hoping to be in office in the near future. This war in Iraq is not part of the “War on Terrorism” Iraq is a take over attempt for oil only and speaking of the war on terror, how is it that the greatest country on earth cannot find one man living in a cave in a backwards country of little use to us? Have we become so stupid that he can sit back and laugh at our military’s efforts to find and kill him, or is there a more devilish reason behind our apparent ineptitude and the wasting of trillions of our tax dollars?

Here in the USA the government is wasting more of our tax dollars on funding of NAFTA and for what, as an ex-truck driver I can personally tell you that their in NO need to create super highways to “move” good faster from Mexico to Canada, NAFTA has no benefit to us but it does benefit Mexico and Canada who in my opinion are not our problem and should not be made to be our problem. NAFTA has become an enigma to many and a highway of suspicion, for most see it as a way for foreign armies to easily invade our country when the time comes. (I will deal with this and other theories of the NWO in my next essay)

In medieval times the Templar are credited with starting the first international banking system, a system still alive today as the Swiss Banks shows, but the Templar banking system of long ago cannot compare with the banking systems and their price gouging techniques of today’s world and especially with the credit cards they offer. High interest rates slight of hand changing of those interest rates if you are even one day late on your monthly payment and then they stick you with additional penalties and fees for having penalty fee’s in the first place.

Is there a cure for what ails the world and most importantly to me and the Templars and the bewildered citizens of the once great and most respected country on earth called the; United States of America.

Bank fee’s, corporate greed and Government taxation blight our citizens and citizens of other first world countries and we must do something now and do it as fast as possible before it is to late and our very existence is taken away in a flood of greed, a flood that has begun and is getting larger each and everyday. In a short time there will be an election for our new leader, whether he/she will be elected or put in place by the Supreme court again as happened last time, it is our choice, we must stop the insanity and vote to survive, ignore the leading political parties and their choices being forced on us and look at other candidates of the lesser parties who care about us and our country.

We need to return to the Rule of Chivalry, return to the Laws of Hammurabi and most important return to the Laws given by God and written in both in the old and New Testament.

I have exceeded my self imposed limit of 1000 words and have much more I could write but it is not my writings that will change the world it is your actions or in-action that will determine our future and I pray you do the right and just thing and return to the Templar ways and throw off our oppressors and tyrants in power today.


Anna said...

It is true that today everything costs money, and more money every day ... it's the rat race!

Highlander said...

Anna, it is not just a RAT race in pricing, it is a way for TPTB to take control of us.