Monday, May 19, 2008

Chivalry, in a me first world…

What ever happened to courtesy, the simple act of opening and holding a door for someone, or letting someone go first? What is so hard about thinking of others first, putting them before you?

Not so long ago Chivalry was alive and being practiced by most men and women too, why is this no longer the case, is it to much to ask for us to be courteous to others, you do not need to wear a white cloak with a red cross on it to be chivalrous, its just a simple manner of being polite to someone you do not know and probably will never know.

In the late 60’s and 1970’s it was not uncommon to see hippies helping others, holding open the door for a women or man, simple, nice, courteous, polite. In the 50’s men wore suits and ties to dinner at home, held the chair for their wives, talked to their kids as if what they had to say was important and what is even more important was that they actually listened to them.

Let us fast forward to 2008 and the children of today and let us include the parents too. When was the last time you saw a kid open the door for his or her Mother or Father, when was the last time you saw the Mother or Father hold the door open for a stranger? Can’t remember, think hard. Most likely it has been a long time and the person you saw was probably older, what did you think about this simple act of kindness? Stupid, waste of time, what?

Are you really so important that you feel that you come before everyone else, think again. Not long ago I saw the President of the United States hold the door for his wife and one of his daughters, a simple act of kindness and respect, do you think your better than them?

Our children are the future of our country, what is so hard about teaching and showing them in your actions that it is not so hard to show and be courteous and throw in a little bit of Chivalry too what will it hurt, but it sure could help.

Raise your Children and Grandchildren with respect and teach them to be respectful of others and to be respectful of themselves and we will have a much better world, a world where everyone thinks of the other person first before they think of themselves.

Remember this one simple thing. Chivalry is not something to show off with, it is a way of life and a way of dealing with life and the ups and down of civilization.

Highlander, 2008

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