Saturday, July 5, 2008

People First


Presidential Platform:
People First!

1.Taxes: While in order for a country to exist and thrive there must be some form of tax base to fund the workings of the government, so therefore taxes are a necessary evil, but they need not be overwhelming to the tax paying citizens of this country. So I am in favor of a flat tax being in the amount of 10% of everyone’s personal income and 15% of all corporate income with NO write-offs or deductions for anyone.

2.Oil: Investments in oil is a natural part of business and while people who invest in oil love seeing the price of oil sky rocket to many people on this planet suffer because of it, we need to control the cost of oil and control the profits from it. The price of fuel oil, gasoline and other by-products must be lowered and if the oil companies are unwilling to do it then we as a nation must see that this is done. OPEC does not want this done, big oil does not what this done, investors do not want this done, 4,5,6 dollars per gallon for fuel is nothing to them, but to us it is hurting our way of life and they do not have the right to do this . I do not favor governments intervening in private enterprise, but at this time I feel we must, people must come first before profits and I do not care who we have to demonstrate this philosophy to, it is and must always be people first. The oil producers, oil companies and oil investors will not want this to happen and they will fight it in everyway possible but this control will be enacted whether they want it or not, because if they do not comply the governments of the world will simply stamp them as outlaws and forbid them access to sell their products on the world markets.

3. Economy: The economy of the United States of America is in shambles, oil prices are driving up prices on every level except housing and with housing we are loosing value, sales are down, values are dropping, there are more foreclosures than ever, employment is dropping because employers cannot afford to hire due to higher costs of materials and manpower. Yes, manpower, we are pricing ourselves out of the job markets by our demands of higher pay, more benefits, fewer work hours, we demand more but deliver less, this must also change. Businesses must stop exporting their work force to other countries just because labor if cheaper, businesses must first be required to purchase goods and materials from US firms unless there is NO, US firm making the required product. The USA must return to yesteryears and restart making everything ourselves and NOT depending on other countries for anything and we must make it a law that NO firm/company home based in the US can be sold to a foreign enterprise, we as citizens of the United States must remain citizens of the United States and not Citizens of a single world government or even a controlling member of such an organization.

4.Race and Religion: The United States was founded on democratic principles of basic equality for all and with that come religious tolerance and racial equalities. No one can set themselves up as being better than anyone else and as a nation of emigrants we should be the first to understand this and not be tolerant of prejudices because of the color of ones skin or the beliefs of individual people, as long as these beliefs are NOT forced on anyone that is not interested in them.

5.Terrorism: Terrorism is a blight on the world and with that it is a world problem not just a United States problem. This does not mean that “WE” should simply ignore it and let the world court handle it or the UN despite that being their wish. The US must and will handle the security of OUR country ourselves and not leave it up to some other group whose only wish is to unite all the nations of the world under their own flag. As President I would immediately withdraw all of our troops from the war in the Middle East and with that turn all of our efforts to finding and terminating the leaders of the organizations who are murdering innocent peoples of the world.

6.Civil and Constitutional Rights: As “citizens” of the United States of America we have “Rights” and no one person and no one group has the right to deny our people these inherent rights. I will propose and demand a return to a Justice system to be supported by a legal system that is mandated to comply with the rights and laws declared to us in our Constitution. The days of special interest groups and certain civil right groups that do nothing but take away more and more of our born rights as American citizens will end. Under our Constitution the only people to benefit from it will be America citizens and AMERICAN CITIZENS only. Foreigners who come here to live, work and bad mouth our ways will not be tolerated and since they are not included in our Constitutional Rights the must appeal to a world court for redress and since we do not recognize any world court order concerning the interpretation of our Constitution, what they order carries no weight with us.

7.Philosophy of Order: The United States was founded on Democratic principles with and by utilization of Roman law and English Common laws, this worked for over 100 years until powerful politically motivated groups wanted to destroy our way of life and institute at our expense and individual freedoms their our sets of laws and restrictions that let them develop themselves into a power that answers to no one but demands that all answer to them.

8.Environment: Here is a simple and yet complex statement made by world renowned scientist a few years ago and I quote; “We can put every single family on Earth into the State of Texas in their own home on 1 acre and have the rest of the world for producing our needs and at the same time give the Earth a chance to heal itself for our excesses”. What does this single statement says in effect that no problem is necessarily a death sentence to our earthly existence and if treated right the earth will heal itself, all we need to do is quit trying to destroy it with our petty wants of comfort and use our world only for the true necessities of life.

9.Morals, Mores and Dogma: This is simple and yet to most difficult of all changes we must make in order to survive the present and live a life worth living in the future for us and our children and their children’s children. We must return to the ways of Chivalry and treat others as we wish them to treat us, it’s that simple and yet that terrifyingly difficult. We force our MMD’s on to no one and no one forces theirs onto us. If a group cannot willingly do this then they are removed from our country, no rights, no court hearing no nothing, they are removed from the United States of America without recourse.

10.Government: The United States Federal government will be returned to its original duties and powers outlined in the Constitution, welfare programs and requirements will be returned to the individual State for control with no interference from the federal powers. States of the Union will regain what has been taken from them, but the legal ladder will remain the same, for federal law is above State and local laws, this is necessary for without this control States could in effect become their own mini-country.

There are many things wrong with the United States of America, but even with these, the USA is still the greatest country on Earth. How many countries are dependant upon our help with; food, money, our military, medicine, etc., we cannot ignore their needs but we must first fix our own problem before fixing theirs. My stance is America and its people first and the rest of the world after.

Highlander, 2008

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Sirius Cnight said...

This is a start . . .

one small step for ideas
one giant leap in realising that something must be done !

one foot after another and we'll get somewhere

we are the revolution !

(hi hilanda)