Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In response to questions about the A.O.of T.K.:

The Ancient Order of Templar Knights was founded in 1804 by Ambrosius von Braun
(1774 – 1826) in Langensoultzbach, Wissembourg, Bas Rhin in the Alsace-Lorraine region of Germany, now France, but then known as the Holy Roman Empire and was born in Bobenthal, Pfalz, Bayen, Germany, where many of my family still lives.

The down line of our ancestry include the following families Lagasse, Fohlinger, Schoch, Bender, Sommer, all well know in history from before the days of Rollo.

The single defining criterion for membership to the Ancient Order of Templar Knights was ancestry. (No women allowed) The Postulants must be directly descended from either a Templar Knight or from Celtic Royalty and the bloodline must be provable.

For 200 years this Order maintained this criterion with no exceptions allowed which is why membership never exceeded 25 Knights at any one time. Most members were selected at age 5 to begin their membership and training until they reached the required membership age of 25 years 1 month. However not all postulants became Knights by their own volition and other failed to fulfill their vows.

In 2006 at the age of 50 years I became the newest Grand Master of the Order and with it I faced a dying membership with many members having little participation and some none at all, so in order to save the Order in 2008 I instituted new membership rules that allow anyone who can prove ancient heritage to become members as long as they are 25 years 1 month old and swear an oath of loyalty and dedication to the Order, not to me as Grand Master but to the Order its self.

The Ancient Order of Templar Knights is dedicated to the preservation of history and the expansion of knowledge through private research. We are also dedicated to the protection of Christianity and its followers and the eradication of all religious zealots that are dedicated to the destruction of Christianity. We do this in a non-violent way whenever possible but we are not adverse to other methods when and if required. The Crusades are still with us now as it was long ago and we of the Ancient Order will do our part…

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larrygbrindle@aol.com said...

My family came from Langensoultzbach in 1738 to Philadelphia. His name was Johan Georg Brendle. Not sure of the spelling. My name is Larry Brindle, name change one generation ago from Brendle. My father was a giant, barrel chest, piercing blue eyes, 6'5", blonde hair. His hands were large and he wore 16 EEEE shoes. He would have been a knight to contend with.