Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Martyrdom; Then and Now…

We are at war, the fourth world war in written history but we the people of the world will not admit this, but look at the facts of all the previous wars we have been involved in.

1st World War: The Holy Crusades, from November 27, 1095 to May 18, 1291 this War involved just about every country then known and with this knowledge it qualifies as a world war.

2nd World War: Presently known as the 1st World War. This War went from 1914 – 1918 and once again involved basically all of the countries on this dirt planet of ours and was known as the War to end all Wars.

3rd World War: Presently known as the 2nd World War. This war went from 1939- 1945 and once again involved all the countries on Earth whether they actually put men on to the field of battle or simply suffered the ravages of war.

4th World War: A war of Martyrs. Involving once again all of the countries on Earth, whether by choice or by the death of innocents. This war actually began over 1,000 years ago with the Prophet Mohammed and the inception of the Islamic religion.

Martyrdom, then and now:

Many people think that “Martyrdom is something new and terrible and yet the Bible tells us that it began centuries or millenniums ago, remember “Daniel in the lions den” or Templar Knights who in the ancient days of olde were known as “Warriors of God” men who gave their lives in the name of God? Martyrdom is not new but its modern day application is.

Excluding religious zealots who have died for God, there are still many men and women who have given their lives for their friends and love ones and others who have given their lives in battle to save others. These “Martyrs” died to save others and now for some misguided reasons men, women and children are being used to kill other innocents in the name of a prophet who himself was a murdering rapist who also enjoyed the company of small children and drink and one day had a vision from “God” telling him to live a different life and thus began the Islamic religion, a religion started by a worthless degenerate man, how can good come from anything this “man” said and you can see from an historic aspect the results of his visions, the Holy Crusades, the massacre of anyone not of their faith prior to the Crusades and after the Crusades.
In the Koran itself it states it aversion to false martyrs and the killing of ones self, this in itself is confusing since so many of the Jihadist do so willingly.
“Recently, at Guantanamo Bay, Salim Hamden, a Yemeni father of two and former driver for Osama bin Laden, testified that he overheard the infamous terrorist leader say that he was "happy with the 9/11 death toll." Contrast this with Christ who, as the apostle Peter tells us, is patient with sinners, "not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9).
And there is another aspect of terrorist martyrdom that is at odds with true martyrdom. The suicide bomber, while he believes his cause is great, is ultimately seeking his own reward—an eternal reward. And, although he will not be around to enjoy it, he receives praise and fame because he killed infidels. He chooses death for reward.
This is the opposite of true martyrdom. True martyrs do not choose death, but are put to death, because they cannot compromise their beliefs. When they lay down their lives, it is an act of selflessness, not selfishness.
So the next time you hear a suicide bomber called a martyr, do not be confused—or fooled. Just remember, Christ died—yes—but to give life, not to take it. Our lives should echo Christ's own, sacrificing not for selfish gain, but for the sake of others that they might live.” (http://www.crosswalk.com/news/commentary/11580350/)08/11/2008
So as you can see and read the Jihadist violate the directions of the Koran, it is OK to die for a cause but not to deliberately kill ones self for attainment of “Heaven”. To die in battle is okay but not deliberately killing to do so, simple laws and yet these Jihadists willingly violate their own laws and their own personal gain.

I have seemingly digressed into a verbal assault on Islam which I did not mean to. It is not only Muslims who promote “Martyrdom” there are many non-religious people who wish for death through Martyrdom and this is wrong also. General George Patton once told his soldiers, “Live for your country and let the other poor dumb bastard die for his”. This simple statement while self-serving for Patton himself has more of a religious meaning than Patton probably realized. Christ died so we may live and this memory lives today.

Christ died for us and this lives in our thoughts 1,000’s of years later, but the martyrs of today kill many or kill only themselves and are quickly forgotten.

I have a friend in England and a fellow Templar who is willing to die for his cause, his cause is England and its fight against the Jihadist invading his homeland, he has been arrested and is on bail awaiting trial for what he has written, what he doesn’t realize is that he is already a “Martyr” and needs not die for his cause, in fact if he died it would hurt his cause more than it would help, death today is so common that the people who have died for a cause are quickly forgotten until another comes along to remind us. We need to fight for our causes, not purposely die for them, for that is nothing but a waste.

So what then is “Martyrdom” and why does it even exist when and if it is a worthless self-serving act of desperation? The answer is simple and yet extremely complex, a “Martyr” is someone who is willing to violate societal laws and Mores for the attainment of his or her objective. A “Martyr” need not die for their cause but they must be willing to cross the proverbial line for their cause. Think of Christ, think of Daniel and the Lions, think of the Templars and other Crusaders in the Middle Ages or of the original “Warriors of God” that fought the world to promote and protect their religion of Judaism. But lets us not forget the men and women who have died and will die to simply protect their fellow men and women of their causes.

Martyrdom is prevalent in the world today, or at least what some people call martyrdom, which in fact is just murder/suicide for self gain in a belief that vilifies a religion that promotes these act and calls for more in-human acts to follow. The followers of Islam and other puppet people call this a religion of peace and yet when you read their bible it contains quite a lot of violence where non-Muslim are ordered to be killed because to Islam they are infidels and sub-human in their views. Islam is on a world crusade to conquer all of the lands to which they have no claim, if in fact they can call any land anywhere in the world their own.

I cannot and will not ever support any religion that kills for selfish personal gains, no religion, cult, organization, or movement, these groups should never be supported as they represent only themselves and their own personal goals for glory and gain with no true interest in helping anyone else.

I invite anyone to challenge me on my personal views and do so in writing and be prepared to defend your own analysis with verifiable facts and not just opinion.

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