Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Reply to more2do

More2do, you present some interesting ideas, starting a Crusader Church would be great if you can do it, however there are certain obstacles that would need to be over come before doing so. Those of us that belong to the Order are tying to start a program something along those lines without being an actual church and geared more towards the young of our community and other communities around the USA. From your writings I believe you are based in the UK and trying to do something like you present could be difficult and I believe from what I read and what friends of mine in England say would be dangerous, not only in terms of potential violence but also actions from the local police who cannot see the dangers that is happening in your country. I suggest you contact my friend in England as he would I think be happy to build upon your idea as he also has the same type of idea. Also please contact me via my email as I would like to correspond with you about your ideas and possible additional writings.

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