Monday, August 4, 2008

A Templar Betrayed:

I have been betrayed, but not by another, but by my own intelligence. For many years now I and others have been waging war against oppression and tyranny not to mention the Jihadist. Where have we gotten, have we gotten anywhere?

I have always banked on my intelligence to help us win the war, to win against conflict and lies, to win against the thieves of government’s world wide and here a decade on we still wage war and have not really gotten anywhere that anyone can see. Others have even been arrested for their efforts on behalf of the innocents of the world a close friend and fellow Templar has been basically sanctioned for what he writes in his blog, his arrest and release on bail is an affront to us all and it shows just where his country and ours is heading if we do not increase our efforts to awaken people to the hidden plight facing all of us.

So how does all of this add up to my being betrayed by my own efforts? There is an olde adage concerning intelligence that I never believed in but now I have seemingly succumbed to and that adage goes something like this;

“To those of high intelligence and when all the issues have been broken down to there core meaning, there is only one answer that makes sense and is logical to us when it comes to trying to fix the problems of the world and that answer is to do nothing, let what is to come, come.”
I have always been disgusted with this adage and refused to believe in its truth, but now after years of personal turmoil and disgust I believe this is the only answer that makes any sense and that is a disgusting thought even to me. However when you look at all things and every possible scenario you can imagine it is the only answer that is logical, do nothing and let what will be, will be and here lies the betrayal to myself and my readers and fellow Templars. While this way of thinking is one way to handle the world’s plight but how can I let it be my way when I am sworn to protect fellow Christians.

I must somehow throw off this mantle of “do nothingness” and regain my dedication to defeating the evils of the world and to protecting the innocents with-in, for the answer cannot be one of nothingness and letting what will be, will be, for me, for anyone… Band with me with us to wage war against those who threaten our ways of life, our religions and our rights as citizens of our country and our world, a world where evil has no place and no right to exist…

This call is dedicated to my friend and fellow Templar, Paul AKA Lion Heart

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more2do said...

As much as I would like to see change in the west, no change happens without active involvement. The knights of the Crusades gave it their all, they sold their lands and commited their lives to free the Holy Land. They did this as a commitment to God. Are you willing to do the same to save England?

It will take church action, activist church leaders to lead the way. It will take money for all the legal actions. It will take civil disobedience to remind people that this is important, what it means to be English.

People of Western Europe have forgotten how to fight, attract the military, advertise the cause where they go. They know the truth
about what is happening, they can help organize.

Templars need not feel betrayed by themselves, it is England that is going the wrong way because of far left liberal thought that will destroy western cililization if we give up. Fight the good fight, put your trust in God and never surrender!

Ideas to try:
1. Organize conservatives that live in Labor dominated areas and move to areas that shift between Labor and Tories, shift the number of elected officials to the conservative side by doing this. It will take some checking of the election data to find the best places to have impact. Can it work? Only if everyone is commited. Is it fast, no, but working toward a goal is better that wondering where to go next.

2. Time to create a Crusaders Church, develop a missionary style to bring more people to the faith and to protect them using the Knights.

As a person in the US, I can not do much unless the organizations develop that we can support through donations. What is happening there is not good based on what I read.

God Bless your efforts and put your faith in the Lord.