Friday, September 12, 2008

Politics and Chivalry, never the two shall meet:

The time for the election of the newest President of the United States is fast approaching, what will happen, anarchy, mass hysteria, bankruptcy, what?

While I am not in favor of either candidate I cannot vote for Obama with any kind of conscience, he has in my opinion sidestepped many questions concerning his personal integrity and honor, he has refused to salute our flag and even his personal religious choice is in question, is he or is he not Christian or is he hiding something that would cost him the election and that something is his being a Muslim. Should being a Muslim matter in this day and age, the simple answer is and emphatic YES! This country was NOT founded on Muslim principle it was founded on Christian principles, it was not founded on lies and deceit it was founded on truth, justice and the principles of freedom.

It is my personal opinion that this “man” and his running mate do not have a bone of chivalry in their bodies nor do they have an ounce of honor in them when it comes to our country and her people, their only concern is themselves and the people who back them.

It is men like Obama who when in office undertakes all possible opportunities to welcome outsiders into his office, outsider who have an agenda to destroy our country as the men elected to office in England, we the people of the US do not welcome nor do we want to be part of a united world order, we reject the E.U. and all it stands for, we the people do not abide by political correctness and we prefer to call a spade a spade, not in a racist term but in a term meant to apply to all things that go against our countries founding principles.

Obama wants to bring change, his whole campaign has been about bringing change to the United States, but what is his idea of change for us, does he speak for us or does he speak for the “Nation of Islam” which in fact has no “nation” of their own, who offer nothing but destruction and religious anarchy, murder and mayhem. Look at today’s paper in England (09/12/2008) and you will find an article stating that the next 9/11 will be in England, for now Islam is targeting England but once they capture England it will be the United States as a target and perhaps it is Obama who will be setting the ground fires for this attack on our freedom and American ways?

My hopes and prayers are that Obama is NOT elected to the position of President of the United States of America for I fell that he will attempt with all of his efforts to enslave our people and destroy our country. But then again this is just my personal opinion…

John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin are the opponents of Obama and Bidden and the Republican parties’ official candidates for President and Vice-President of this great nation.

McCain, a 70 + years old Vietnam Vet who spent years as a prisoner of war and his chosen VP running mate a women from Alaska who has been derogated by Obamas handlers as the women with the cast iron tits. (How Presidential). The mud slinging has really kicked in but it is interesting that the only mud the Obama clan can find is Palins tits and her lack of international experience, with McCain it is McCains lack of ability at using a computer. While I am not in favor of a women President or in this case a Vice President I have no choice but to vote for McCain, at the least he does have a small amount of honor left in his personal mentality.

Pray for America and Pray that we can over come the people who are against us and our freedoms of choice.

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