Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Power of 23: the Final move to Checkmate:

Yesterday 09/24/08 (23) President Bush announced the planned formation of the “New World Order” and no one even noticed let alone complained.

When this “bail-out” is passed and I firmly believe it will be, there is nothing to stop the world powerbrokers from leading the citizens of the world around by their collective financial noses.

Many people will say it is the government’s responsibility to help the economy from collapsing and this plan will do just that and nothing else, but will it?

In the Presidents speech he stated that this bail out is needed to save our country from a deadly serious economic collapse that will happen without this plan, a collapse so bad millions will lose their jobs, financial institutions will fail, investment companies will fail, our money value will go down the toilet and worldwide economic collapse will occur, all of this because we where to short sighted to see what was really happening prior to this bail-out being needed.

The United States of America is the single leading country of the world, anything we as a country do, affects the rest of the world whether the world wants to believe it or not. When President Bush 1st attacked Iraq because of Kuwait’s problems with Sadam and the oil well fires we the people of the United States supported him, however when Bush 2nd declared a “War on Terror” there where many questions concerning the necessity of doing this, once the shock and horror of the World Trade Centers destruction was worn off and common sense was again the rule.

The “War on Terror” was the N.W.O. power play to gear the world’s opinion in their favor, Blair, Bush 1 and Bush 2 along with the Clinton’s set the stage leading up to yesterday’s announcement by Bush 2.

Just what is so bad about President Bushes “Bail-out” plan and why should we be concerned? In Bushes speech on the 24th he spoke loud and clear on certain subjects he wanted to be clear about and he spoke more softly on certain subjects he had to mention but did not want to bring a lot of attention to, one of the subjects he spoke softly about was the control that the Federal government would now have over the financial institution of the country, control of such items like executive pay and perks and I do not just mean preventing “Golden Parachutes” when they are terminated for reason or even simple retirement, however this is not the whole story, not even close. Remember this, it is not the Federal government who will be in charge of our financial stability and the institutions there of.

When Bush the 1st announced his N.W.O in a speech long ago I believe this is exactly what he meant, the N.W.O he referred to was a body of financial bigwigs who are already in control of great sums of money through world banks and quasi government financial institution. What this “Bail-out” of Bushes does is exactly this, it puts the control of the US financial markets in their hands, and by extension it puts the control of all of the world financial markets into their hands also, and it does so by having the power and authority granted to them to dictate, executive compensation, control of interest rates, determine loan amounts a financial institution is allowed to make, it determines what the investment quotients shall be, and what the credit requirements will be to receive a loan for farms and businesses and most important to the public, the credit requirements for a home loan.

Earlier I mentioned that this “Bail-out” plan will ultimately put the control of the world’s financial institution in their hands also. How could this happen, it is simple and all it will cost to control the world is a mere 700 Billion dollars or 350 Billion Pounds Sterling, a lot of money to the average person but chump-change to the powers that be.

Bull plucky you say, how can this plan lead to global financial control? Well I’ll tell you, it is easier than you think, and all because it has been in the worldwide works for sometime now. Country after country has for one reason or another taken over its financial institutions one by one, France, Germany, Italy, England, etc., have done so, others have had control of the institutions for quite sometime now, like Switzerland where most of the modern financial controls originated and these controls originated with the Knights Templar 700 years ago. (700 years, 700 billion dollars, interesting parallel don’t you think?)

It is easy for the N.W.O. to gain control of the worlds financial institution simply because most of the countries of the world invest in US bonds and other financial paper, this control i.e., bail-out plan also affects the stock markets of the US, Europe and the Pacific rim. With control of the financial markets, Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Banks, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Companies, Domestic investors and finally, International Investors in all countries.

So as you should now be able to see that with the passing of Bushes economic bail-out plan a new world order comes into existence and with its inception we the citizens of the world will now have new master to control us and to lead us by our noses any which way they feel like leading us, and we will be powerless to do anything about it. Remember what Mayer Rothschild said long ago and is now coming true, and for those who say the Illuminati is a figment of peoples imagination with the passing of this plan they will not only see they will feel the results of their control in ever facet of their lives and the lives of their children and Grandchildren, may God help us and protect us from the coming evil…
© 2008 by James von Braun

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws“.
By: Mayer Amschel Rothschild, (February 23, 1744 – September 19, 1812)

Section 112. Coordination With Foreign Authorities and Central Banks.
Requires the Secretary to coordinate with foreign authorities and central banks to establish programs similar to TARP.

Told you, the NWO is the order of the day


The Faithful Remnant said...

Good points, did you think of this though,
What if we don't get this passed and the US continues to suffer economic turmoil and the market collapses. Then we will be subject to the same global market as the Europe is right now with the EU. We would have to come under the one world ecomony to save America. Which in reality would weakening America because we would no longer be truly a free trade country and would be the subjects to rule from the one authority in Europe.

Ultimately its the same outcome "N.W.O.", just a different way of getting there, what do you think?

Highlander said...

Faithful, I did think of that situation and others which is why and I hate to say it but I am hoping it passes.