Saturday, October 25, 2008

Templars Rising:

Are the Templars rising in public view, lately, it seems every where you look Templar emblems are being seen, even television is speculating on them, through educational films about pirates flying the “Jolly Roger” or the Templar cross on ships sails, there have even been more TV speculation on Swiss banks and the Templar connection. Membership requests are rising among Neo-Templar organizations and even the Free Masons are gaining new members at levels not reached in many years. So what’s the reason behind this, what do you think?

I think that the world is coming apart at the seams and many people are afraid and looking for answers and especially comfort and these organizations are providing some, at least in verbal words of safety and contentment. The Masons and the Templars offer fellowship and a place to voice their concerns with fellow members without fear of government retribution or even retaliation for possible sedition, especially in England, the new land of Islam, thanks to the English government and the European Union, who seemingly think that no country has a right to be sovereign or maintain their own well earned and well developed culture.

The Masons and the Templars helped to develop many countries in the days of olde and perhaps it is time that they did rise to defend the countries they helped to grow and develop and to show the governments that are destroying their heritage that this is not to be, that they will not stand for their country being given away to a group of people who have no business being there and who have no heritage nor culture that anyone outside of their own people even care about, for a culture of hate and destruction is not a culture any Christians will suffer, so the time has come that the Templars have started to rise in answer to the prayers of many and the fears of the Jihadist.

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