Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End…

Today the 4th of November in the year of our Lord 2008 we mark the end of the United States of America, a Republic founded on the principles of Christ and freedom with the blessings and trust of its citizens.

Today the citizens of this great nation who are so lazy and self-centered that they elected a “man” whose only intention is to bring this country to its proverbial knees by handing it over to the world and its tyrants to be.

The “man” elected is not a “man” of this country, but one of a group who belongs to no country and that knows only treason, murder and hatred via religious beliefs that do not allow for diversity and self-interests nor even self-preservation.

This “man” who my fellow countrymen wrongly elected has stated since his youth that he wants to rid the US of businesses that let people make a good living, he has said that he would tax everyone more and more, he has said that he would raise the cost of living for all Americans no matter their income level and yet America has elected him.

Good bye America, you have shot yourself in the heart by letting this “man” become your President, this “man” who knows not the codes of, being a man, nor the code of honor or the code of being a true American, this “man” belongs to the very group you say you fear and loathe this “man” belongs to those who promote a one world government via the European Union, say good bye to the dollar and hello to the Euro, good bye to the freedoms we enjoyed for over 200 years, say good bye to taking your family out to dinner because he has taxed you out of any money you may have managed to save for a “rainy” day and most likely put the restaurant out of business anyway through his tax plans.

As all of this comes to past do not call on me to help you out of this pending disaster, because it is you who put all of us in this mess with only one way out and those who elected this “man” would not have the balls to do it, for if they did they would not have elected this “man” in the first place.

Now do not get me wrong, I don’t care if the President is Black, White, Green or Purple what I expect is that he or she is an American, first, last and always, and this “man” does not qualify, he is a self admitted socialist, he refused to salute our flag until he was called on the proverbial carpet for not saluting it. This “man” is not and American, does not have this countries best interest at heart nor her people and now one day after the election the European Union has already issued a statement of how they are planning to work with him for “everyone’s” benefit, but who will it really benefit, not us the citizens of the United States of America. Wait and you will see, you have voted this person into office and have voted out the United States of America as a sovereign nation.


Fitzalan said...

Imagine riding in a car, a car that was once in top condition. Years of neglect and ignorance have caught up with this car, but somehow, the car has stayed in one piece. Every few years, a new driver has slipped behind the wheel. Some of the drivers were better, safer drivers than others, several times we almost ran off the road, but the car is still staying on the road.
For the past few years, the car has been driven haphazardly, even dangerously, according to some of the passengers. It was time to change the drivers, and we had two from which to choose.
One driver has years of experience, knows the road we are travelling on, and has even helped out frequently when repairs were needed. The other driver is a pimple faced kid, bragging about things he does not understand, and he just got his learner's permit. He promises that he will drive us down an unknown road, one that he claims he can see clearly, yet no one else can see it.
So, in a moment of stupidity, the passengers agree to flip a two-headed coin and tell the guy with the learner's permit to get behind the wheel.
What some of us know, and the rest of you are going to soon find out, is that this 'new road' he promised is a one-lane mountain road, with more cliffs, twists, turns, and rockslides than you can imagine. The driver doesn't have a licensed driver next to him, he broke the headlights, he cut the brake lines, ripped out the seat belts, threw away the spare tire, but he still promises we will arrive safely.
I am not going to be there to pick up the pieces after the crash, either. Even my eight year old daughter had the knowledge to know the truth hidden behind the lies and promises.
America should be ashamed. They threw away the last vestiges of freedom yesterday. By doing so, they gave away the future for themselves and their children. The only way to regain this freedom now is by doing as our forefathers did - we will have to pay for it with our blood.

Faithful Remnant said...

I sadly agree! America failed by allowing an under qualified leader to take the helm.

My vote in California for McCain obviously didn't matter and the people spoke what they thought was right, but boy how wrong we will soon be.

I was talking to my father today and he was worried for my wives job, she is a nurse and with Obama's ideals for a national healthcare system who knows if her job will be safe.

Well I hope your survival skills have been sharpend, I have learned how to make a fire from sticks, live off of beans for days and pennies, conserve water and I am ready for whatever comes. This sadly will be our reality in the next few years!

I shall pray for all of us who truly love this country for our safety and protection in the coming years, may God help us!

Keep up the blogging maybe someone will hear our cries.