Thursday, November 13, 2008

America the Conflicted:

America, the greatest country ever founded, Rome, ancient Greece, Persia, none of these compare to the United States of America, not now not ever.

On paper the United States was founded on 4 July 1776, but in reality it was founded much earlier, so much earlier in fact that it preceded all of the above mentioned Empires by uncountable years.

Uncountable years, uncountable dreams for freedom has always been mans greatest dream and his biggest foible, freedom to associate, freedom to dream, freedom to worship as we choose and most especially the freedom to be free.

Mankind’s greatest dream has always been freedom and for the last 221 years we have lived with these freedoms, lived at least until now.

The American people have been loosing our freedoms through deception, trickery and misdirection for a number of years, people in power in our government and in the private sector have been eating away at freedom through these devious methods all in the name of power, the power to do as they choose, the power to rule as Kings with the world as their peons.

Take a good look at what has been happening to us for the last 2 decades, look at what we have to do to simply buy a weapon, travel, buy fuel, food, financially, economically, legally, even by votes, etc... To buy a weapon it takes multiple forms of government supplied identification, then you wait for days or weeks to pick up your weapon and then you cannot carry it for protection unless you “know” someone who can get you the necessary clearances to do so, even certain bows need government permission to purchase or are simply made illegal to own or possess. As a Templar Knight and Grand Master of the Order will this mean I will be stopped from buying a weapon if I wish to purchase one, or will they even try to take my sword as a means of control, I know not.

Need more? Let us look at what Clinton did to us during his reign, through executive orders he signed into law, laws that violated our Constitution and the Bill of rights. He sign through one of his E.O.’s the Child Support Enforcement Act which in most of its entirety is in violation of the Bill of Rights, another violation of our Constitution was his turning over the “protection” of over 1 million acres of American land by the United Nations, he further gave them to power to “patrol” our streets and nations highways, with their secretive black or gray sedans with dubious markings on the side door, or no markings at all. These are only a very few examples of what Clinton put into action once the first President Bush called for a “New World Order” in a speech in the 1980’s.

Now for Bush 2, Clinton brought in outside support and Bush forced through changes in our government that practically made him a “King”, once again through the use of executive orders. Was 9/11 a result of covert government actions or just a simple terrible terrorist attack? Voting irregularities, power plays in Congress and the Senate that forced through an illegal war that has cost us and our country our international respect our economy and for many their homes, jobs and honor. Clinton was the beginning, Bush the middleman and now is the newly elected President the final act in the destruction of America.

On the 4th of November 2008, the people of the United States of America elected a new young, dynamic president who I believe will finalize the destruction of our country. This man has already disrespected our flag the symbol of our country the symbol that too many of our fellow countrymen has died for, a symbol that brings respect or condemnation throughout the world for a long time, but at the least it means something to just about everyone, except it seems the new President, why?

Is this newly elected President of ours destined to become an enigma in his future actions because he certainly is one now. Is he a closet Muslim just biding his time to reveal himself to the world, is he the one that Islam speaks of that comes to take his place in world ruler ship? The European Union is jumping for joy at his election to the Presidency of the United States, why? Leaders of the Muslim world are jumping too, why? There is only one answer to this joy and that is that these foreign people think that now the United States will be forced to join with them in their power struggle to rule the world and with his help they will.

What are we to do, what is the world to do? Whether the world likes to admit it or not they depend on us for their very survival and they are worried, emails that I have received from all over the world has shown me this, people want to know what is happening, what they can do, what can be done?

So what is to be done, how are we to protect ourselves from the wannabe rulers of the world?

May I make a suggestion? Throughout history and especially in the Crusades there were groups of people dedicated to the advancement of “knowledge” and the Knights Templar were the true experts at this means of communication, and this is what I believe needs to be re-established for the good and honest people of the world.

There are many groups alive today that can utilize their membership rolls to keep honest citizens informed of what is going on in their countries and this information can be disseminated into press releases on the internet so that anyone interested will know and hopefully pass this information on to other who in turn will pass it on to their contacts and soon there will be a hidden yet open communication source that operates subversively letting everyone know what is happening and with this knowledge we can stop the despots in their attempts to take over the world and in doing so save ourselves from anarchy and death.

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Fitzalan said...

Highlander, forgive me if I am wrong about some of the things I am about to post, I am not familiar with the AOTK bylaws, rules, etc., but I am making an educated guess based upon my current knowledge.
As far as I know, the original idea of the Knights Templar was to defend the Word of God, and this also meant keeping the heathen (a.k.a. islamic occupiers of the Holy Land) out of all things Christian. (OK, so that's a HUGE oversimplification, but I'm trying to keep this short.) At the same time, they were under a command by their true leader (Christ) to spread the Word of God. This was in fact, a continuation of what was done by another of my ancestors, Charlemagne. As he conquered Europe, he also spread Christianity throughout the region - by the Cross and the Sword.
Somewhere in the book of Joel, it states that we are to beat our plowshares into swords, and our pruning hooks into spears. No, I am not quoting that backwards - Joel 3:10, maybe? As a member of 'modern' society, we have become accustomed to running to the nearest Wal-Mart to get what we need. After all, if they do not have it, it doesn't exist, right?
I consider myself fortunate, as my parents were born in the early years of the 20th century, and their parents were born in the late 19th century. Therefore, I was taught many of the 'old ways' of doing things - in other words, I learned to make things myself. Being somewhat of a 'country boy' by virtue of living in a mostly rural, backwards part of the nation, I know what does and does not work. I also have the experience of military training.
If the worst does come to pass, and the newly elected regime does force this once great nation into a socialistic state, and our freedom to own and use weapons is taken from us along with the rights of free speech, freedom of worship, etc., then I say - "Prepare yourselves for war".
Paul prophesied that there would be a great tribulation. Matthew stated "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened".
In my eyes, a Templar Knight should be one who defends those who are unable to defend themselves, a defender of the Word of God, and a Warrior of Christ. In fact, how can one be a Knight without being armed? Those who are of the Order should not fear the coming gun control - there are ways to be prepared for war that cannot be taken away.
Knowledge is indeed the key. There are two quotes that I like that stress this point better than I can say:
"Those that would trade liberty for security are worthy of neither" - Benjamin Franklin
"With the first link, the chain is forged, the first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied – chains us all, irrevocably." - Star Trek TNG

James, you don't realize this yet, but you have begun waking up some who were sleeping. You know what I mean.