Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Women in the Order

I have been sent a number of notes like this concerning not allowing women in the Order and the answer is simple, they are not allowed and have not ever been allowed since our inception since 1804, it is not my rule as I feel that allot of women are quite equal to men in most ways and most importantly in intelligence so I wish I could admit you be as for now we cannot, it is one of the many things I am battling with the Council about, do not give up on us as I will never give up on you.

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Sometimes women can merely be housing the spirit of a man who was once mighty as a knight. She would still have that about her. Unfortunately my dear, you may find yourself in an interesting predicament a lifetime from now.

No, women do not have the physical build and are often distracted by the body and its workings so different from men.
Strong women should form appropriate orders consisting of other women. There is no competition. Women can never be as men.
But if you woke up in a different body, would you say use your knightly strength and power in a woman's body? Say you still perceived yourself as a man with strength and wit.
Imagine society would not allow this to be simply because you were in a female body..now. You would be very unhappy let me tell you. Also, western society seems to encourage women to come to take or borrow from men's status and power. Dangerous is the claim of women, to have their own order of power. This would and does get knocked down before it even gets a chance to be born..sorry, thinking like a woman again.

Thank You for your blog.

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Anonymous said...

Just an FYI about women Templars. The book by J. M. Upton-Ward which translated the Templar Rule from the French to English notes that at one time, prior to the rule drafted by Bernard of Clairvaux, it appears that the Templars DID have women within their order.

Rule 70 of the order included "...Henceforth, let not ladies be admitted as sisters into the house of the Temple...henceforth it is not fitting to follow this custom...."

The author of this book notes "This implies that women were previously involved in the Order, not just as associates..."

Examples of women who took the normal monastic vows and were accepted into the Order are cited by the author of this book.

The historic Templars' Rule 71 stated "we believe it to be a dangerous thing for any religious to look too much upon the face of woman. For this reason none of you may presume to kiss a woman...and HENCEFORTH the Knighthood of Jesus Christ should avoid at all costs the embraces of women...so that they may remain eternally before the face of God with a pure conscience and sure life."

The historic templars had, at a point prior to the Rule of Bernard, permitted women and had women associated with, the order. With Bernard's rule, it was desired that their focus be upon God and their duty without distractions of any kind.

FURTHER, Rule 72 of Bernard's rule states: "We forbid all brothers henceforth to dare to raise children over the font and none should be ashamed to refuse to be godfathers or godMOTHERS..."

Again the implication is that there had been "Templar godmothers" at one point in time prior to the Rule of Bernard.

An one online reference of this book may be found at http://altreligion.about.com/library/texts/bl_primitiverule7.htm