Monday, December 8, 2008

Something to think about, something to ponder:

Have you noticed how the world wants everyone to be together in all things, and yet it is individuality that prevails? Think and try to name one thing that happens in today’s world that a single individual is either targeted or proclaimed the leader?

Hitler, Bin Laden, Attila, Buddha, Kings and Queens, the US Presidents and other leaders of the world; these men and women say join together and yet they stand apart and alone. How and why do they say one thing and do another? Band together and yet be alone, to be alone is to bend to their ways and desires and their “control”.

Was there ever a group that stood together and yet stood alone; yes there were a number of them and you are perhaps a member or admirer of them? The Templars, the Hospitalliars, the Teutonic Knights, and do not forget the hero’s from the dark side, the Pirates of the mighty “main” and the others. Men, who stood together and yet in the end had to stand alone, ask yourself, where do you stand with the destroyers of men and of our will?

We men of the Orders, some old some new, have chosen to band together as brothers, and in some cases sisters, to defend the “faith” and our ways of life of us all.

There is and old saying that goes; “what people are afraid of they will destroy”, and these people in power are afraid of us, afraid that we will bring others to our ways and show them the means to regain our freedoms being slowly striped from our very lives.

So has this made you think of our situation that has been developing for centuries or perhaps more correctly since the beginning of recorded civilization? The Kings, Sultans, Potentates, Queens, and Presidents have ruled and killed to protect what they desired since Satan ingrained individuality into our way of life.

Did I throw you by including Satan in this; he had to be included since he is the one that started it all. In the beginning God created Adam and was happy with him, but soon he realized that being alone is not and was not the way for people to be, for he realized that people needed to be together as a group as one and not alone in life and with that he gave Adam, Eve.

After that what happened? Cain slew Able his brother, and so began Satan’s quest to have all of us lead a separate and individualistic lives, for as a separate people we can be controlled and conquered much more easily and quietly.

From that time through Abraham and Isaac and all of the intervening year’s men wondered throughout the lands fighting and dying in search of their own land, their own people.

In 1450BC came the Exodus and Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and wondering for 40 years in the desert, becoming one for the most part after Satan tried to destroy them, and finally coming to the “Promised Land” and the founding of a nation, a nation of one people and yet being divided into 12 tribes but still one, and that is what we must do again, become one, even though we are many nationalities we can still be one against evil, against corruption, against immoralities and sin.

So think and ponder, what can be done, what can we accomplish by banding together as God intended, and Satan fears.

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Son of the Light said...

Buddha? I'm not really sure he should have been included in your list.