Monday, March 30, 2009

Muslims making another move, from Act for America

I received this today from ACT. It shows another way a religious group is waging Holy war on the world and not only through violence. They are seemingly having success with this method, but the question for us in America, with our government support this and reject our Constitutional protection of freedom of speech in order to protect those who have no right in our country to object and battle against our rights that are guaranteed in our Constitution, all I can say is that I will not allow them to control me / us through the evil organization call the UN.We cannot let what is happening in the UK happen here and in other countries that freely let them into their country and found themselves in a short amount of time at their mercy and basically under their control...

Dear James,

It’s been brewing for some time. Muslim countries have been pressing for a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution calling on nations around the world to pass laws criminalizing the alleged “defamation” of religion – specifically Islam.

This week the Council passed the resolution.

The good news is that Western nations and over 100 faith groups opposed this resolution. The bad news is that efforts by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) have paid off in getting such a resolution passed – and we can count on the OIC to continue its global campaign to criminalize free speech that allegedly “defames” Islam.

This is not the only tactic the OIC is pursuing in this regard. At last year’s OIC conference, the conference supported efforts to look for legal strategies to fight back against the alleged “defamation” of Islam. Translation: lawsuits around the world funded by petrodollars.

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