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Hierarchy of the World: or the way it has always been?

Do you really think that the President of the United States of America actually runs our country, or that the Prime Minister of England or any other President, PM, King or Despot actually runs their country? I certainly do not think so; there is too much evidence that covertly shows that they do not. If they did run their own respective countries then why do they and others answer to high powered groups like the Bilderberg group, and the Council of Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, and others.
A long time ago there was a group of people called the Bavarian Illuminati, while it supposedly did not last long but the name has. Then there are the Free Masons and group of men and now women all 6 million of them the Masons who helped form the United States of America, England, Scotland and France. George Washington, F.D.R., Ford, and others who did not reveal their alliance to the Masons. Then there are the Warrior Monks of the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Knights, the Knights Hospitallar, and others not so well known to the public. However even though these group existed hundreds of years ago they were not even close to being the first of the secretive groups working behind the scenes in government strategies and power struggles since time immortal.
Since Cain murdered his brother Able there has been jealousy and power struggles between brothers, sisters, and the power mongers of the then known world. Abraham the Father of the Jewish religion and Islam was not a simple farmer and goat herder; he also was a warrior who attacked anyone who he deemed a threat to him or anyone he protected. 400 years later Moses came along and with help from his brother Aaron formed the “Warriors of God” now called the Knights Templar.
Most people believe the Knights Templar, came into existence in 1118 AD, a date I have not conformed to in years. I believe that the point in time that the Templars where originally formed was in the year 1450BC by Moses during the Exodus and with the construction of the Ark of the Covenant.
When you look at the Templars and what was accomplished in secret during their 9 years of holding up in the stables of Solomon and the recorded fact that no new members were added during this time it makes you wonder how they ever expected to protect those Christians traveling the dangerous roads of the Holy Lands. I do not believe they did, oh they may have attacked some smaller Saracen raiding parties just for show but they were there to dig up certain relics buried there by the much older Templar knights of 68-70AD and the sacking and burning of the second temple.
When the Grand Master of the Inner circle, Flavious Josephus ordered the Grand Master of the Temple Knights to defend the 2nd Temple at all costs a man called John of Gischala the leader of the Zealots. Next in line of protectors of the Temple was Simon Bar Kochba and like all Grand Masters of the Templar Knights little is known about him outside of his select people. Years after, in the Bar Kochba (in 132 AD) Revolt there stood I believe more Templars dedicated not only to protecting the relics of the past but of Christ also and with the additional duty sworn to protect Jerusalem as always with Bar Kochba as the Templar Grand Master. Bar Kochba and his “Knights” almost succeeded in defeating the most powerful Army of the time, the soldiers of Rome and yet just like their brethrens of the future, they failed do to their pride and arrogance in Deut. 8:17 it states that Bar Kochba and his followers adopted the attitude of; "By my strength and my valor I did this." and this cost them the war and for many their very lives not to mention they failed in their assigned duty to protect Jerusalem at all costs. The City of Jerusalem fell on the Jewish calendar date of the 9th of Av in the year 135 AD, the same date as both the 1st and the 2nd Temple of Solomon fell…
The Templars of, James the Brother and of Saint Peter the Rock: At this point I am probably going to infuriate many of the modern day Templar knights when I say that the original Templars were not Christians like the Christians of today but in fact were Jewish in their beliefs and only Christians as in Judeo – Christians, with no beliefs that Christ was born by any means other that by sex of a married man and a woman and that Jesus was not divine, in other words they were Nazarenes just like Jesus and his brother James
After the crucifixion of his brother Jesus James assumed the position of head of the “Council of Twelve” which consisted of 12 direct members and made up of the original living apostles of Christ and select others (Mary Magdalene) to total 12 with Christ/James as the 13th and leader. This position of “Leader” of the Council or the 13th member is one of special note I feel as the number 13 has for centuries be considered a “bad” number, it is considered to have originated with the fall of the Templars in the 14th century on October 13, 1307, but I think it really began with the 13th member of the “Council of Twelve” and the disturbing fact that the 13th member according to available records has never died a natural death, in fact anything but. Christ was crucified; James was stoned and thrown from the portal 70 feet to his death and Peter was crucified upside down on the hills in Rome.
It is with this group, the Council of 12, that I believe that the Templar Knights received their “official” calling and the duties we once again assigned to them and the modern day Knights also.
As we move into the “Dark Ages” we find little information about who and what went on during this period, we had the Council of Nicaea occur in order to assemble a Bible that supported what the new Roman Catholic Church supported in their beliefs and throw out that which they found to be unfounded. (Big mistake). At this point in history the RCC was in the process of becoming the world power house it would become in the near future leading up to the Holy Crusades, it is here that all the secret societies began their insidious sub-rosa power dealings.
During the Dark ages there were many small fragmented kingdoms through-out Europe, and then came Charles Martel and his extraordinary leadership and founder of the Carolingian Empire and which replaced the Merovingian dynasty by Martels son Pippin, all agreed to and arranged by the RCC as the Merovingian’s kept the RCC under strict control and the leaders of the RCC wanted complete autonomy in order to expand their then limited powers. With the agreement to Pippin and his execution of the Merovingian’s the RCC was now able to grow into the powerhouse they had envisioned for centuries. Throughout Europe and the British Isles there were many changes occurring, in Scotland or should I say Alba, Alpin became the first King of the united lands of the Picts and the Scoti from the lands of Dalriada to become Scotland.
So why have I included a lesson in ancient history, it is simply to show you that none of this could have happened without secretive groups being behind all of these occurrences making it happen.
In the year 1717 in jolly olde England the Free and Accepted Masons revealed themselves to the world, supposedly for the first time, and yet when they made their “first” appearance they were already a fully formed organization with membership spread out the British Isles and Europe and not long after the United States to be.
Not long after the Masons came into the public eye, Adam Weishaupt formed the Bavarian Illuminati with the knowledge and support of government officials, at least for awhile, and at least in the publics eye, but with members like Krupp, Rothschild, and other powerful and influential families like these, do you really think they simply went away when the governments withdrew their public support for the Illuminati, especially when it was continuance from the Merovingian’s and later the Carolingian’s of Europe who were help to be established by the Roman Catholic Church because the Merovingian’s grew to powerful and went against the RCC.
Out of these secretive societies and even more secretive Religious organization came the Warrior/Monks, the Spanish Inquisition, the founding of the United States of America, the two official World Wars, the Bilderbergers, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Club of Rome and more, and then there are the many small wars needed by the ruling elite of the one world secret government and its influential members. Wars planned by the Elite in order to drive prices the way they needed them to be, prices such as oil, crops, finance, both in the private and public sectors, and the Real Estate markets.
So now that you know that the world has been run by small secretive groups since the beginning of recorded time and probably before, who and what do you think they fear beyond all others factors? They fear us, the citizens of the world, while they may control our lives to some extent especially through finance supplies and they have a few million soldiers available to support and enforce their whims they still fear us beyond all and with good reason, while they have a few million minions we have 6 billion of us for them to battle against, their fear is that we will at some point band together and say no more, we are taking our lives back and they could not stop us. So they make certain people disappear or discredit them through legal means, any thing to stop us and keep their controls maximized. The “Illuminati” say that they will control the world by 2012 and interestingly enough that date co-insides with the Mayan calendars doomsday date so which will come true? For me the “Illuminati” plan will come true first long before and incomplete calendars prediction comes to bear.
What makes me think that the 2012 date of the “illuminati” will come true, it’s simple, we are letting it happen, even making it happen through our own stupidity, and doing so by voting or not voting for the very people who are minions of the elite, like Clinton, Bush 1 and 2, Obama, the elected expansion of the European Union, the politicians of the UK and their “political correctness” mania, the expansion of China into a world powerhouse and the fall of the USSR into feudal states of the dark ages.
The world has been primed and the elite are ready to strike, all they need are the citizens of the world to let them and we seemingly are doing just that, what are you willing to do to stop them? BE PREPARED…

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