Friday, June 5, 2009

The message of Revenge:

The terrorist kills the innocent sitting having coffee at the local coffee shop in Israel he is 14 years old and he “must” kill the infidels, 4 die 37 hurt, and the child, nothing is left but shards of bone and lots of blood, another victory for the Army of Islam. Why did this happen and what can be done to prevent this from happening again?
The Father of one of the victims who died survived, he swore an oath of REVENGE against all who perpetrated this horrendous crime and there are many others like him. Soon a Muslim mosque is blown up 70 dead 2 survivors; the survivors said they heard just before the explosion someone yells “for G-d and the innocent. The problem here is that there was no Jihadist inside the mosque just more innocent people who needlessly died for G-d, for Allah, for nothing.
This war of religious differences began hundreds of years ago in a land where life has little meaning and revenge is the way of life in dealing with death, and as long as the Islamic Jihadist twisted beliefs are allowed to continue there will be death and destruction and with it there will be revenge.
Is revenge right or is it wrong, and who benefits from this, the victims, the family of the victims, who? For some revenge helps them deal with the death of a loved one but for most it helps no one but the Jihadists themselves as it bring more terror to the masses they are terrorizing.
Look at Americas 9/11, thousands died for a crazy terrorist plan to kill all who he considerer’s infidels, and look what happened. The United States goes into lock down, Constitutional Laws are violated all in the catch phrase of the “War on Terror” but who is the war really against, who are the ones being violated on little or even no evidence just because they are of a different nationality and live a different way of life than we do, does this mean that they are terrorist, I don’t think so.
Think back to the influx of human immigrants in the last 200 years where they terrorist just because they lived differently than those of us already here, once again, no. What they were, were our hero’s of a later date in our history, what they were was some of our future Presidents of these United States of America, what they were, were Americans.
That is America, but what about the other countries suffering at the hands of the Islamic Jihad, the jihadist do not only inflict terror through violence they inflict terror through their efforts to make a country bend to their will in their laws, in their dress, in their unwillingness to adapt to the culture they have chosen to live in.
In Lutton England the hidden jihadist have just about taken over the town through drug sales, buying available businesses and changing them to their own cultural sales items, they have the police in their back pockets by having them convinces that the Muslims are being persecuted by the people of England who love their country and their heritage that is being attacked on all fronts even by their own government. In France the same is happening there, Holland, Germany, every where they go they attack, in one way or another, they attack, and attack, and attack, and we stand by and let them, because we do not want to infringe on their “rights”. In the American Constitution it does not say that everyone who comes here is automatically protected by our Constitutional protective rights, it reserves that for the “citizens” of this country, but through the traitorous oversights of our political leaders and the people who “advise” them have made interpretation of the Constitution that basically allow them to do as they see fit even to the point of treason to our country, and then when they are caught with their pants down as in the 9/11 attack they lash out against anyone they perceive as being against their goals, against their own ideas, against their plans, they pretend that they care about what happens to the American people they are sworn to protect, and then, they arrest American citizens without regard for a citizens constitutional rights. Then they torture them and keep them from any outside human contact such as being able to get proper medical help, see family, and especially consult with an attorney, all in the name of the “War on Terror”.
Years later the “War on Terror” is still going on, but with much less enthusiasm and less worldwide support, England has dropped out, Australia out and other smaller but no less important countries have also withdrawn their direct support, but still expecting the United States to keep the battle going without them.
Now it’s 2009AD and the United States has a new President, who in my personal opinion is a traitor to the men and women who have died to protect this country and its citizens, this “President” has refused to salute our flag, has shown support for the jihadist, has stated he is a Christian and yet his Father and brother and other family members are Muslim and he lived as a child in a Muslim dominant country, and even his citizenship is in question, is he even an American, a question he dodges to this day.
Now this “President” has even gone as far as to slap every man, women, and country involved in the “War on Terror” by saying that there is NO war on terror and that Muslims and Christians need to unite and become a brotherhood. This “President” needs to read the history of the Crusades and the biography of Mohammed and he will see that there can never be any kind of union between Christians and Muslims as the Koran calls for death to all who do not become faithful to Mohammed.
What is the solution for this problem, what needs to be done? I think the answer is obvious, get rid of the jihadist by whatever means necessary and while there will never be any love loss between Muslims and Christians.
There can be a strained peace by simply getting the governments out of any religious differences and letting the two religions take care of themselves in the way they have been doing for many years, even in Israel and the rest of the Middle East.

The views expressed here are those of the author and no one else. These views and opinions are protected by the United States Constitution under Bill of Rights and specifically the first amendment clause.

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