Monday, October 19, 2009

Christian vs. Muslim, incite into chaos…

Christian versus Muslim is this correct, or should it be civilization versus chaos. How about neither, it is just the time worn story of good vs. evil, it’s as simple as that.

The Muslims of the world are getting a bad rap for what the nut cases of their religion do. In fact there are more Muslims killed and injured by their own Jihad fanatics than all of the “terrorist” acts combined, but does this excuse the Muslims, no. The “good” Muslims should not be supporting the Jihadist of their religion, they should be against them as much as any Christian or Jew, or any other religious group on Earth. There can only be one answer to the Jihadist, and that is death, give them their wish, send them to their Valhalla of virgins. When people kill any and all non members of their religion, be they man, women, or children, the only thing they deserve is death.

England is about to be taken over by Muslims, not by violence, but by attrition and stealth, they use our ways to undermine our values and customs and then when we object the stupid politicians go against us in favor of the Muslims and their demands. In England they are demanding that Sharia Law become a legal system and all are subject to it, and the politicians are currently considering it, in fact Sharia law has been implemented in a few areas even as we speak. In America our President has it seems a hidden agenda in favor of Muslims and their demands, and this cannot be tolerated here nor anywhere.

In England the EDL has a protest march scheduled for 10/31 and interestingly enough so does the Jihadist, coincidence, I doubt it, it’s most likely a cleaver way to break up a protest they do not want to happen and to do so by violence, in a way that they are not blamed for it. Cancel the protest march, the EDL can’t, to do so says to the Jihadist to go ahead and take my country we don’t care, and for the Jihadist to cancel would mean to loose the world as a Muslim world, now what?

Now what? Now we the people of all religions of the world must stand together and drive these monsters of Jihad out of our countries and off the face of the Earth. Muslims, Christians, Jews, all must do this together and do it now, for we can no longer wait for as they grow stronger our politicians grow weaker, they no longer represent us, their citizens, they are not afraid of us but they are of them and with this it is up to us to help them and ourselves rid the world of terror.

There are those out there that will say I am spreading racial hatred or religious intolerance but I am not, I do not say to eradicate Islam, I say to eradicate the Jihadist who are killing innocent people throughout the world, the world has declared war on terrorist and what are the Islamic Jihadist but Terrorist using religion to kill as they see fit. Remember the olde saying; “One for all, and all for one” well there is no better time than the present to put this into action and save our world…

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