Monday, November 2, 2009

Disclaimer and notice to cease use.


Not long ago you were telling me how you did not like having someone take over something for which you worked on and believed in (the EDL) now you are doing it to my people. When I offered you a place in the Ancient Order of Templar Knights you refused by stating you were to busy to do what we needed to be done. Now I see you are trying to take over our name, a name that has been in use for 207 years, do you think this is right? While we of the Ancient Order of Templar Knights applaud your efforts with the EDL or the EDL – St. George we do not wish to be tied in with the EDL, nor can we allow our name to be used as associated with them, and I am sure you understand and will remove our name from your blog, and cease using our name in all of your endeavors.


James von Braun, Grand Master (Ret.)
Ancient Order of Templar Knights