Friday, March 4, 2011

The World in Turmoil: A Knights view

My friends, the world is in turmoil, and we its citizens are suffering the consequences of that turmoil; Libya, Iran, North Korea, England, Egypt, United States of America, and many other countries and or territories.

Now the Arabs are killing themselves for freedom, a flatbed trucks full of gunmen drove through the streets of eastern Tripoli today, tossing tear gas and firing rubber bullets at protesters, Muslim versus Muslim for control of their countries, dictators killing their own people just to remain in power, a power that counts the dead daily.

The USA is fighting to regain its financial stability that has been hit hard by bleeding heart Democrats who think we must support the world, even our enemies as we have done for almost a hundred years. Russia, France, England, Israel, Spain, Iran, Korea, Japan, you name the country and we most likely have supported them in the past or still do now, and we must stop this nonsense before we go bankrupt.

This insanity must stop, while I can understand the reasons behind these bailouts what about our own country and its citizens who are losing their homes, businesses, livelihood, what about them?

We declared a WAR on TERRORISM, and yet we support the very countries that also support terrorist training camps and or the terrorist themselves. How can we as a “Super Power” do something so stupid and self-defeating? Our Politicians say that it is not the people of these countries so we must help them, I say yes it is the people of these countries, they allow these murderers to life in their country, they allow them to come and go as they please, so why should we support them when they just “thumb their noses” at us and say “more please, give us more” all the time laughing at our collective stupidity.

I read 8 national and international newspapers daily and I see just how stupid our and other countries are being when it comes to helping the enemy defeat us. We pass laws allowing them to use their own laws in place of our national and international laws, we allow them to conceal their faces and at times their entire body in the name of their religion, they make a mockery of our laws, but then use those very laws against us when it suits them, is this right, or should we outlaw their anti Christian ways, should we make them conform to the ways of society in the country they live, or should we allow them to continue to subvert, our religions, our societal mores and norms, and most of all our laws that are there to protect us from this very thing that the governments of the world are letting happen?

Citizens, the way of the sword for Christians has passed into history along with our forefathers the Templars of the Crusades, but let’s not this passing stop us from doing what we can to stop this blatant attempt to overthrow our Christian and Societal ways before it is to late or it leads us into another Crusade.

Stop our politicians from allowing Religious Laws to supersede our own legal system, save our Constitution from the liberals who think they can change it to fit what they want to do to our society, force our politicians at both the State level and Federal level to start healing our respective countries and not just offering lip service saying they are working on the problem. We have in a small way started this process by getting rid of politicians that have few morals and even fewer cares about their constituents, and replacing them with politicians who we hope will do our bidding now and in the future.

The police are being basically hogtied in their efforts to “serve and protect” their citizens, they are being forced to allow illegal aliens to cross our borders unimpeded, Arizona tried to institute laws about this and are now defending themselves in federal court on a number of federal charges, now of which according to our Constitution can be applied to non US citizens, these illegal aliens have no US constitutional rights, not even when they make it across our international borders, our constitution is not for anyone and everyone it is for US born or naturalized citizens, let us enforce this by using our laws to stop this invasion, and face it, it is an invasion of our country, there can be no doubt about this. The police are also hogtied in stopping criminals before they strike, and even when they do apprehend a suspect they are hampered by Human Rights laws that are written by bleeding heart liberals to protect the criminals and hinder the victims and the police. Perhaps we should all use and apply the 2nd Amendment for our own protection, and to help keep the law and order we all desire.

I remember when my wife and I lived in a State that has and open carry law, there were 2 idiots who tried to rob the local bank, they succeeded in firing a warning shot into the ceiling, and died in a hail of citizen bullets, there has never to my knowledge been another attempt to rob a bank in this town since, when citizens are allowed to exercise their constitutional rights there is a much more orderly society with fewer crimes than when we are hindered by government for doing what we should be allowed to do by law.

In the UK her citizens are running scared from all of the violence that is happening, thugs are knifing people simply because they look like a victim, or because it looks like it would be “FUN”, is this the society that England’s citizens want, I think not. England is and Olds and well founded country that prides itself on its stability and English pride, not on loose morals and dangerous felons running amuck killing at will with little to no police protection, what if they the good citizens were armed as well as trained in weapons, what do you think would happen to the hoods who kill at will? What if every country that believes in freedom for its citizens and in the rights of citizens were to allow either open carry or concealed carry laws to be passed, the time of the criminal would end, and also the time of the insurgent may well also.

This essay is the opinion of the writer, and is only his opinion, and promotes no illegal actions on the part of any citizen of any country, his intend is only to hopefully open the eyes of our people in this world who are being beaten and killed for no GOOD reason except the failure of our elected people to protect their citizens who have put their trust in them.


James von Braun, GM, retired.


S. Braun said...

Nicely written. Some points I disagree with, but it's your article, not mine.

Anonymous said...

Check what I found today. Is it true?

Highlander said...

Anonymous, the answer is no. This bloodline info has been circulated for years and there has never been any proof provided to support it.