Monday, May 2, 2011

To the Knights of the World:

Osama Bin Laden is dead, long live freedom. While I rejoice in his death I am also fearful in the repercussions that may come our way, and so should you, like the head of the mystical hydra cutting off a single head will not kill it or even stop it, the body and the remaining heads will demand retaliation, and they will come for it.
As Knights we must be forever vigilant, never letting our guard down or our families will pay the price, the terrorist have previously stated that if Bin Laden is captured or killed then they will turn Europe into a nuclear wasteland, this cannot happen, not now, not ever.
The Templar’s, the Teutonic Knights, or even the Hereditary Knights of the Holy Roman Empire must remain on guard, and on call, we must be the eyes of the world, the eyes of authority, and the means to help stop them.
So always remember that one head may be gone but there is still more heads to deal with, and they are just as deadly as Bin Laden was.

James von Braun, AOTK, GM retired


Ba'al said...

Mr. James! u really think Bin Ladin is America's enemy and the world number 1 terrorist?
he was made by the american (the zionist, masons ... ) and now Bin laden's ROLE is over, therefore he's down! they could have finished him anytime!

Camille said...

Just to confirmation that there are people as passionate about liberty and honor as you appear to be, read this article, then pass the torch!

Masons said...

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