Sunday, August 21, 2011

A country that deserves respect, not loathing or fear:

There is a country that is feared, loathed and condemned, and yet should be applauded and helped by any self-respecting country on earth, that country is Israel.
Israel was reformed after the end of World War 2 and has since developed into a country that protects its citizen and defends it existence to the world. It is a country that is continually under attack from those who fear and loath its very being. In so called western civilized countries people fear the religion of Israel, a religion that has been in existence since written time began.
The Jewish religion should be admired not feared or despised, the people who live the Jewish way of life are for the most part good and decent people not animals as some describe them they just want to live the life their religion outlines for them, just like other religions who only wish harm to the Jews.
The people of Israel have always been warriors, not only for God but for themselves, they were feared, and in some cases emulated, but most of all feared, in some cases justifiably. Just to be clear on this I am not Jewish not am I an Israeli, I am an American Templar Knight who happens to highly respect Israel and believe that they should be helped and protected to whatever extent is needed or possible, they need to be recognized as a country that stands for dignity and might, not to mention perseverance of beliefs and goals.
Many people think that Israel should not be a country or for many even exist, they think that Palestine should be returned to the land now occupied by the people of Israel, a belief that should never happen, and the United States of America and all of its supporting countries should make sure this never happens.
Many will ask what do I know about Israel, and the answer is this; Israel is the home of the Christian religion, the home of many people of the Bible, the future host of the apocalypse, and the home of the badasses who conducted the raid on Entebbe, the home of the people who brought to justice the perpetrators of the holocaust where millions of the children of God were murdered, the home of Solomon and the Arc of the Covenant, and the home of our own Knight’s of the Temple. Israel is the home of many of the stories in history, and will be the home of the future of more history. Israel is home, and home is Israel.

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