Saturday, August 27, 2011

The miss information in circulation about the A.O.T.K.:

The AOTK is not an anti-Muslim organization nor is it anti-anything in design. The new AOTK was set up as a way for like minded people to live the way of the Templar’s and Teutonic Knights of yesteryears.
To live with the courage to protect what we love or believe in, the respectfulness of others, religious tolerance to an extent, and blindness to racism, when presented negatively.
One must remember the original meaning of racism and that was “Pride of Race” and there should be no person of any color who is not proud of their race, and what they have accomplished for the world in which we all live.
People need to be aware of the “WAR” we are in against the Jihadist of militant religions these people want to destroy our way of life in favor of their own misguided ways; these are the people the AOTK has chosen to do battle with, not innocent children or women and old men who cannot defend themselves.
Citizens of many countries like the United States, England, France, Germany, and Norway plus many more are being besieged by both militant and non-militant “Jihadist” and they are bent on changing our ways to fit into their ways of life and perceived duties of their religion. These “people” are demanding that we Christians not be allowed to display our religious artifacts because it “offends” them and is against their religious beliefs, I say who gives a damn if it offends them, they came to our countries, they should adapt to our ways not ours to them!
In Michigan for example the religious Jihadist have demanded that our Christian churches not be allowed to ring the church bells to announce mass, and yet these same people have built a tower in order to announce their own prayer times but chanting through loud speakers that sound out over the entire city in question. In London they have demanded that their Sharia laws be the prevalent laws in the land, even over England’s Parliamentary laws. This “quiet takeover” is being implemented in many Christian countries throughout the world.
Paul Ray, myself and others while we object to this quiet invasion by this militant religion we do not advocate violence as a way to cure the problem, as AOTK Templar’s we know that violence did not work 900 years ago and it will not work now. Paul has been summoned to give testimony in Norway concerning Brevik and him psychopathic views and values that led to the killing of innocent men, women and especially children, this testimony required of Paul concerned the possible involvement of the EDL and potential involvement of the AOTK, as of Friday the 26th of August the AOTK and Paul have been cleared of any involvement in this tragedy.
The AOTK has been labeled by many in the press as being or being Islamaphobic or that we are white supremacists or come from the far right in our views and values and this cannot be more wrong. What we are and what we love and care about is our countries that are under attack, as should all of our fellow citizens and immigrants that wish to come here to live.
My Grandfather came to America from Germany and once here he implemented a strict rule for his family, NO speaking German was to be allowed as they now lived in America and were to become Americans, his rules were not special among immigrants many of them did the same, become part of the country they chose to adopt, so if they can do it why cannot these religious jihadist do the same, why not; “Because they come to conquer not to live, adapt, and contribute”.
The AOTK stands for the love and protection of our respective Christian countries and we want all concerned to join us in our endeavors to stop the Jihadist from doing any further damage to our countries under attack, do not let any more attacks on our citizens go unpunished, do not vote our lackadaisical politicians back into office, instead elect politicians who understand the problems and are willing to do something about them. I am not just speaking about Federal Politicians, but politicians from all levels, for the problem is not just at the federal level but at the city, town, and village levels also.
The AOTK supports any legitimate (legal) effort to combat the Jihadist and their evil attempts to destroy Christianity and other peaceful religions.

James von Braun, GM (Retired)

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