Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back to the Past: The return of the NAZI American police

When was the last time you saw unwarranted police brutality against peaceful college demonstrators, the 60’s, 70’s, or November 18, 2011?

UC Davis Chancellor, who must have pissed her pants from fear of these kids who were simply staging a 60’s style sit-in, made what I hope is her career ending decision to call in the police, who then made a decision to pepper spray a number of students sitting on the ground with arms linked. Where was the danger, Mr. PO’liceman? Where were all the kids who you tried to say were surround you and were endangering you and your Nazi cohorts?

I have watched the YouTube video, I have seen the “smile” on your fat face as you sprayed those kids, enjoyed yourself didn’t you, you fat fuck, there was no danger, there was no violence except that which you and your NAZI brethren brought, and most of all THERE WAS NO REASON to pepper spray those kids.

So what should be done? Well the fat fuck who sprayed the kids with a smile should be sprayed himself then fired, and then without a trial be put in jail for a few months to ponder upon his excesses, then the UC Davis Chancellor should not be given the chance to resign she should be pepper sprayed and fired without recompense. It saddens me that people who are in charge of overseeing the welfare of kids cannot be drawn and quartered for their willful violation of this charge.

Some of you might ask why a Knight would write about this and I can tell you this, the Police of this country are for the most part fine and upstanding people and when one of their own become rogue they should self-police, they need to get him out of their honorable ranks, expel him from his position of a modern Knight, and put him where they put rabid dogs.

There is never any kind of excuse for injuring people without cause and when those people are just exercising their God given and Constitutionally based rights to demonstration without violence, and on top of that being school kids then we of the Knighthood should hang our collective faces in horror and shame at the unwarranted actions of the “thing” (I will not dishonor manhood by calling that thing a man) that chose to pepper spray kids instead of reasoning with them.



Fr. F. said...

Word of the Master - Winter Solstice MMIX

“We stand among the children of God, as we have done since the Dark Times, acting as seekers, builders, and agents of change in a world that has lost Something Precious.

We stand as Seekers - Our efforts to find that which was lost will never cease. We are all called to a higher purpose - a Journey to find the Light of the Lost Word.

We stand as Builders - The children of God will always need shelter to protect them from the wicked - we are the Builders of Sanctuary. Men and Women separated by the rivers of Ignorance, Hatred, and Fear can never be whole - we are Builders of Bridges.

We stand as the Agents of Change - The children of God must want and seek change if we are ever to find that which was lost. Change is an alchemical process that begins within each and everyone of us. As we transmute ourselves we share our Light with the world and that Light begets more change amongst the children of God.

My question to you, here with me tonight, is: Are you willing to continue to stand as Knights of the Lost Word? Are you willing to seek out our Brothers and Sisters, lost among the children of God, who have forgotten their purpose? Are you willing to fight, and give and love and let your light shine before the children of God so that they might See and rejoice?

I know it is all too easy to allow the insidious afflictions of apathy and cynicism to take hold of your spirit but we must not let our guards down. The winds of change are blowing. While war in the middle lands still wage I sense a change coming. The true People of the Prophet grow weary of war and hatred. They want freedom and love. The United People are growing weary of greed and war as well and what they want more than anything is True Freedom and Love.

Are you willing to stand and protect True Freedom while at the same time offer the Hand of Brotherly Love? I thank those, from the bottom of my heart, who are.”

Helen said...

Rude words but you are right. It is very interesting to read, I like your manner of writing, without hiding and pretending.

Berry said...

I’m from Ukraine and your writing reminds me of one of my favorite Ukrainian post modern authors – Yuri Andrukhovihc. He also used obscene lexis to make his speech more emotional and expressive. Also I like that you are not afraid to be different. Like your blog!

Helga said...

thanks for the info!

Linda said...

very intresting blog!