Wednesday, June 6, 2012

D – Day June 6th in the year of our Lord 2012

68 years ago our American hero’s invaded Normandy beach and the final days of the European World War had began. A best and warmest wish to the hero’s who fought and lived and died on those beaches in order to protect their country and their families from a psychopath. These brave people received a hero’s welcome when they came home, as they well should have. Now to my bitch. Let’s fast forward to 1975 and the Vietnam vets coming home, they too should have received a hero’s welcome, but did not, what they received was people spitting on them, calling them baby killers and much, much more. They did not deserve this the people who spit on them did deserve it but the vets were honorable men and women and for the most part ignored them, too bad. To the men and women who served in Vietnam I salute you and thank you for your gallant service to our country, and to those who tried to degrade them, GO TO HELL for you are a disgrace to our country, a disgrace to the men and woman who served and died, and a disgrace to your own families. Highlander, USAF 1974

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